I thought I’d reached the exhaustion point

Posted: February 19, 2012 in Energy, Obama

Of being shocked at anything this administration does. But alas, somehow they are able to leave me dumbfounded yet again. I saw this story late last night and it’s just taken me a while to process it.
Now I understand that this has been somewhat of an issue going back to Clinton and again, both Clinton and Bush deserve some criticism for not dealing with this when they were in office. Now it appears this is going to happen and it looks like the Obama Administration is going to let it take effect. How can this happen? I guess it’s easy considering how unfriendly Emperor Obama is to US oil independence. He’s killed Keystone XL, he’s denied permits or had his lackeys prevent the exploitation of our own resources, so why wouldn’t he take another step to crippling our economy by giving islands and coastline to Russia which also have fossil fuel reserves?
When does this madness end?


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