The war against Christianity

Posted: February 20, 2012 in liberals, Religion

I’m a Christian. I know people who aren’t and one good friend is an athiest. Here’s the thing about most average Christians. We believe people have the free will to come to their own truths with the understanding they accept the consequences, good or bad, for that decision. There are sects who try to hammer you over the head to convert but for the most part, they are a minority. Unfortunately it’s that minority which gets the most attention and liberals seize upon as proof that Christians are Bible-thumping zealots.
Those same liberals ignore the actual and widespread instructions and admonishments of imams to convert, enslave, or kill those who choose to not believe in Mohammed. I don’t get it but there it is. No other religion or belief system other than islam makes these sorts of demands and is responsible for so much violence and suffering in the name of their religion throughout the world. Given that the current liberal-supported lifestyle is the most reprehensible to Mohammedans it just seems super strange they would be so ignorant and supportive of Islam over other tolerant religions like Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, etc.
I guess when you are the religion with the most membership worldwide right now, then that’s the one which must be constantly attacked.. That’s the only logic. Several stories popped up this weekend that illustrate what I mean. In Washington DC, our nation’s capital and seat of our representative democracy, a group of religious leaders unhappy with Obama’s demands on contraception held a peaceful protest in front of the White House. They were arrested.
This weekend also saw the report of a Catholic school in Louisiana becoming the victim of arson. Why? I’m sure we’ll never know. This won’t even make the evening news. If it were a mosque however, the streets would be running with blood in the Middle East and every worthless politician concerned only with making brownie points and getting some facetime would be calling for investigations and prosecutions to the highest level.
It’s past time for people everywhere to get some common sense and stop being baited by those why cry ‘islamophobia’ at every perceived slight while ignoring actual crimes and attacks. We’re a nation based on Judeo-Christian values. Our Founding Fathers went out of their way to ensure there would be a place for other religions separate from secular life, but they recognized the importance over and over of those same Judeo-Christian values in the course of human affairs. Adherents to islam and proggies need to get over that and realize that we will never allow them to take this country over and turn it in to a backwards, third world cesspool like so many Middle Eastern countries. You know that ones…where women aren’t permitted to drive and have to wear ridiculous outfits covering their whole bodies while the men just do what the hell they want. Where women and children are nothing more than property to be disposed of as the males in the family see fit. Where homosexuals are routinely executed and anyone who doesn’t follow a strictly proscribed lifestyle can be censured or worse. I’m absolutely sick of these constant attacks from the leftists in this country against Christianity. They’d better take a good look at the group they are sucking up to…because they will be the first ones eliminated if islamists ever do control any portion of this country beyond Dearborn, Michigan. Just ask the last remaining Christians there.


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