Now we know, part 1,437,021,895,085,254,632,187

Posted: February 22, 2012 in Obama, politics

It just keeps coming. Every frick day. Some new information that just goes beyond anything we’ve ever thought. Recall a few weeks back some people were suing Obama in court to prove he was eligible to be on the ballot. He refused to show up in court. Neither did his attorney to represent him nor present any evidence to refute the parties who were challenging his eligibility. Keep in mind it wasn’t one or two interested parties but as many as five different groups—some of them lawyers themselves.
So, what would happen to you or I if we just didn’t show up in court? Contempt charges would naturally apply unless we were incapacitated, which Obama clearly isn’t because he’s been jaunting all over the country campaigning.
The judge listened to the arguments, which by all accounts were compelling and left to make his mind up. About a week or so later he issued his ruling in favor of Obama. Who didn’t show up. Who didn’t put up any evidence to contradict the plaintiffs. Whose own lawyer didn’t even show up to present evidence. Nothing. It was like these people were just being humored and the judge was going the motions. Weird all around I’d say.
Now we may know why. Read this. And weep. Honestly, I’m more convinced than ever that Obama doesn’t have a damn bit of documentation to prove he was born in this country. Nada zero zip. He has spent a large sum of his own money to keep this story down and apparently he’s spending ours too. (when doesn’t he spend ours though?) I now know why many of these suits haven’t seen the light of day and even ones currently being filed aren’t likely to produce any satisfactory results. That’s probably because people on the state level have figured out there’s good money to be gained shaking down Obama over his lack of paperwork. The unreality of it all continues….


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