I wonder this myself

Posted: February 26, 2012 in Religion, Terrorism

I often ask myself why anyone would be supportive of the dark ages cult of Islam. Yeah yeah yeah I KNOW there are allegedly peaceful muslims all over the place. That’s what we’re told every time someone blows up a church (Egypt), beheads a young girl for refusing to marry an old man (Somalia), let’s a school full of girls burn to death because it wouldn’t be decent for fire crews to see them in their nightgowns (Saudi Arabia), and so on. Those are aberrations right? Wrong. These things and much more have happened, do happen, and continue to happen all over the world wherever islam is practiced. So no…I don’t think these actions are aberrations.
Furthermore, as a woman, I can’t for the life of me understand why any woman would be supportive of islam and muslims. Right now the left, and women in particular, are marching lockstep against various church leaders who are challenging The One’s edict that religious organizations provide birth control even when it goes against their religious doctrine. Instead of religion controlling government like the fear, government is trying to control religion.
I’d like to take those same women and ask them what do they think will happen if sharia law becomes the law of the land? Their constant fearmongering about conservatives wishing to turn back the clock (we don’t) will become a reality under a muslim dream world. It’s already the rule in islamic countries. However, conservatives and Christian groups just want to be left alone to abide by their doctrine. That’s a far cry from a theocracy which is what islam demands.
Giacomo at Godfather Politics has a good article for the liberal women in your life who vote for Democrats…and why they should not. It’s worth the read. Or better yet, print it and leave it on a liberal female friend’s desk, nightstand, car, whatever. This subject is going to come up and gain more prominence as muslims in this country push for the implementation of sharia law, sharia finance, and so on. If these women aren’t better informed, they will be as sheep going to slaughter, as will their daughters. To paraphrase a muslim saying, when your weak, be nice. When strong, be brutal. Don’t think for one moment they aren’t doing that right now.


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