Posted: February 28, 2012 in politics, Religion, Terrorism

Of course I’ve said this before. Many times. Again though we have more evidence that this president is trying to not only cripple the US from within (economically) but also make us a weak laughingstock throughout the world, particularly the muslim world. Gateway Pundit reports here of an official report that NATO is going to put our soldiers on trial for buring korans in Afghanistan. Does anyone think this doesn’t have the bobblehead nodding approval of The One?
Nevermind that these korans were being used to smuggle information friendly to our enemies. They then became tools of war and as such deserved to be confiscated and destroyed. Nevermind that in all this outrage of allegedly desecrated korans many were recently discovered in a Pakistani sewer. Seems the muslims were out of toilet paper and were wiping their behinds with the pages. Where’s the blood running in the streets there?
Oh forget it. Only when the outrage can be stoked against the west does desecrating korans become an issue. Personally I think it’s much better to destroy a ‘holy book’ by fire than to shit on it but that’s just me I guess.
The streets of Mayberry didn’t run red with blood when Bibles were burned a couple of years ago. No Afghani officials were shot in the head at point blank range. Nada. The muslims continue to show they will use any pretext to riot and demand concessions from the West. Which our current president and his cabal of hand-wringing worms are more than happy to do.
Folks…there is a coming war. It will be a war for western culture and values vs. the dark age death cult. Our ersatz leaders either don’t understand this or are complicit in our slide toward it as their constant bending over shows. Rep. Allen West said it best here.


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