A story that needs to go away

Posted: March 3, 2012 in News media, politics, Religion

The Georgetown slut story that is. For those late to the party as I was here’s the outline. Sometime early last week a women claiming to be a 23 year old law student at Georgetown testified in front of Congress that colleges should provide free birth control to students because it was too expensive. OH..Georgetown is a Catholic school or something so they didn’t provide this as part of the religious doctrine. This same student claimed that it would cost the average woman 3K over the law school years.
So Rush Limbaugh, a popular whipping boy of the left, goes on air and in his cheeky manner calls this woman a slut, prostitute, and says we as taxpayers should get something for our money like videos. He goes on to say that next government will be buying women cars with comfortable back seats. Rush is known for saying things that are outrageous and way over-the-top. When you listen to him saying stuff as opposed to having some MSM idiot re-tell it you understand that it is in jest. Context and intent is important and lost when something is printed.
So what does the media and left do? They go all apeshit crazy. How could he say such things about a poor college student? Well…for one if you’re going to Georgetown law school, you probably aren’t ‘poor’. Two…there is no way on God’s green earth BC costs what this woman said. Do the math…she’s have to be banging someone many times a week to run up that kind of tab. And wasn’t a saint in my younger days, I didn’t advertise when I was single how many guys I was with because that would have made me a SLUT. One more thing too…wasn’t the point of the women’s movement that we could take care of our bodies ourselves? Why is this woman demanding government take care of her needs. Condoms are cheap and abstinence costs nothing.
So the real issue still is government mandates that religious entities provide a something that goes against their basic teaching. The left and MSM try to obfuscate the issue with this “Limbaugh picks on student” meme. Bullshit. Focus people!!!
One last thing too…now we find out this “23 year old law student” is really a 30 year old women’s activist who chose to go to Georgetown law specifically because their insurance didn’t cover contraception. She’s not only a slut, but a liar. Case closed.


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