Lots of weekend news dumps

Posted: March 19, 2012 in Obama, politics

As usual, the WH picks the weekends and a holiday one at that to makes some document dumps and do some things that seem a bit hinky. First off they released some documents related to Solyndra…you know that big taxpayer funded boondoggle spearheaded by some FoOs that has gotten a little attention in the LSM (when it should be getting a whole lot more).
Then there’s the Obama administration attack on Catholicism per their demands that they provide contraception. More on that here.
Then there’s this. Now some conservative blogs are saying this is nothing. Just a continuation of previous administrations. I say Nay Nay. If it was just business as usual then why do it on a weekend? Doesn’t he have fundraisers to attend? Oh wait…that’s all the friggin’ time. I’m suspicious given Emperor Ogabe’s track record for hiding shit, lying about shit, and just being an all around commie muslim shithead. We’ll see what happens soon enough no doubt.


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