Over this Martin-Zimmerman thing

Posted: April 5, 2012 in Obama, politics, racism

I’ve read all I’m going to read about it. What’s going to happen at this point is just going to happen.
I will say this, thanks to the new media, the old media is having to backtrack on much of their early narrative. Who fed them that narrative is open to debate but it really appears that the Martin family, through their cadre of media savvy lawyers, have purposely obfuscated this story for the sole purpose of a payday. That sounds harsh but consider this…why would they push so hard for an arrest? If I had a child who I believed was murdered, I’d want not only an arrest but a conviction. But according to their lead spokestool/lawyer, that’s not important. What makes a mere arrest important? Apparently just that alone is enough to open the floodgates for a payday in the form of lawsuits. Interesting no? Further—if you information that would lead to an arrest wouldn’t you produce that? I’m talking about the alleged “DeeDee” phone call. I don’t think it exists. Why else would this woman not give a statement to authorities even with an attorney present? Why have her phone records been hidden? I’ll tell you why, there’s nothing there and she’d be open for perjury if she did speak. This has all been one horrible show. I hope it’s over soon and we can get back to paying attention to the real tragedy—the demise of our country at the ands of a thug president and his thug cabinet.

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