OH good grief…do I have to do this? Ok…here goes…I have opinions, just like everybody else. I’m not famous so I don’t get a microphone shoved in my face and accorded instant status as an expert because of my famousness. Thankfully the internet levels the field a bit. It allows ordinary people, those that for too long have sat silent, to have a voice. People like me. People that once believed that there were two things you never discussed in public–religion and politics. Those days of a more genteel life are over. The gloves have to come off. For too long, 40 years or so, the leftards in this country have run amok with their stupid chants, stupid signs, stupid slogans, and even dumber participants. They’ve been yelling for so long that their lies have become accepted truth. Well I for one know different. So do a lot of other people and we will be heard. So go on, Have a read and take a look at the other blogs listed. Good stuff out there that will inform you, entertain you, and piss you off at times. And there’s lots of what is going on to get pissed about believe me.


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