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Liberal media dementia

Posted: March 14, 2012 in Celebutards, liberals

Seriously…the only reason they get these people to ‘sing’ is because people will watch. And as much as I love Aerosmith and metal in general, I’m sick to death of these people butchering our national anthem. You would think that people who’ve reached the pinnacle of the music industry, who’ve depended on the free market to support them, would at least have an effing clue how to sing the damn national anthem of their country without cocking it up.
If this is any indication, I can’t wait to see how the shirts handle the anthem for the Super Bowl. I’m already going to hit the snooze button for the halftime show which is to feature Madonna. She stopped being relevant 15 years ago. Spare us all please.
On the bright side, Kristen Chenowyth (sp?) did a good job for the Giants/Niners game. It was just a bit draggy but still loads better.