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The best picture of how devastating “progressive” policies have been to our economy can be seen by looking at the data starting in 2007—when Congress became controlled by Democrats. First, some perspective. GWB was handed a recession from Clinton but you never heard GWB blame Clinton for that recession. GWB was handed, thanks to Clinton and Gorelick, a ‘wall of separation’ that ultimately lead to the 9/11 attacks yet you never heard GWB blame anyone. Moving forward, Bush became a lame duck president in 2007. Use the ‘net to go back and look at the Office of Management and Budget’s figures for the fall of 2007 forward. It’s easy to see the economy started go to off the rails as a direct result of the increasingly hostile to business Democrat Congress. Smart business people at all levels paid attention to what was going on in DC with regard to regulations, mandates, new laws, fees, etc. and started cutting back on expenses. Since nothing happens in a vacuum, what they weren’t buying (or hiring) caused the slowdown to accelerate as other companies had to start cutting back. As soon as it became obvious in the fall of 2008 that Obama was going to be elected (October 2008) the economy really began to take a nosedive, where it has been going since January 2009 when Barack “ready to rule” Obama was sworn in.
Obama has steadily used Executive Orders, layers of beaurocracy and federal departments to push his agenda when he couldn’t even get a Congress controlled by his own party to do his bidding. He has repeatedly ‘gone it alone’ as he said he would, to push his socialist/Marxist agenda. Now he has effectively shut down a pipeline project that would not only have put people to work but would have given us a measure of energy independence. Seventy percent of people polled want that project to go through. Today it was revealed he is planning to use the EPA to shut down up to 32 coal power plants. We get most of our power from coal. What happens then? To quote Obama himself, ‘prices will necessarily skyrocket’. Who is that going to hurt the most? Everyone who has little disposable income to handle any increase in bills will suffer for this decision. It won’t hurt Obama and friends. He’s killing jobs left and right, ensuring the cost of living keeps going up, while coddling our enemies. If that is the idea of someone who is doing a great job for our country the DSM-IV probably has a category now.

It’s not about disenfranchisement. It’s not about turning the clock back to Jim Crow. Nope. It’s about winning elections. You can’t win elections if you can’t control the voting process. And the only way to ensure a victory is to set up situations where people can vote multiple times in different precincts. Where people can get lists of the recently deceased and vote under their name. We’ve seen this over and over since the 2004 election. There have been prosecutions and convictions–most if not all Democrat operatives. Here’s another trial about to kick off in New York. Read the quote at the top of the story and think on how stunning such an admission is.
When people are polled on their beliefs minus the election or political overtones, they overwhelming poll conservative. Actual liberals have polled consistently in the 25% area. So how then did someone as leftist as Obama get elected? Many reasons come to mind but in the primaries there were some hinky things going on in Ohio if memory serves that related to Hillary Clinton’s campaign so it’s not just the general election Democrat vs. Republican.
For a more recent example of voter fraud, Project Veritas did a sting in New Hampshire.
This should scare anyone truly concerned about our election process for it ensures the person who should win the election won’t…thereby disenfranchising millions of legitimate voters of all races.

Best part of the night? There were a few but the best was how Newt handled the obvious attempts by Juan Williams to inject racism in to his questions. There are plenty of links to the video. I happen to like this write up here.
While reading this article it occurred to me. Do people like Mr. Williams think that being a janitor is confined to people of color? Isn’t that a bit racist? What Newt and others are saying is this: when you’re young, get a job…any job. It won’t be the perfect situation, but you will learn from it. Do your best and once you have some experience, seek the next rung on the ladder. What is wrong with that stance? It’s loads easier to get a job if you have a job. Trust me on that.
Here’s some info about myself: I have an older sister. Said older sister informed my parents when she was in her teens that she wasn’t going to work until she had to, which is what she did. The day I turned 16, I got my license and drove around applying for work as a waitress in several local restaurants. She went to an all-girl college and worked some summers in the local library. Me? I was a waitress mostly on weekends all through high school. I knew deep down that by the time I was ready to go to college, there wouldn’t be any way my parents could send me. Luckily for my sister, she did get grant money but I’m sure dad poneyed up the rest. I was a bit brainless anyway and my first year of college (state-supported) was a joke. So I moved back home, got another job as a waitress, and started going to the local community college to learn a viable skill.
While trying to build a clientele, I still worked as a waitress, cut hair on the side, and…wait for it…was a janitor. read that right. I mopped floors, cleaned toilets, swept racquetball courts, vacuumed, and so on at this local country club. I’d go in at 4 am and be done before the members started arriving and it was hard, lonely work. I did what I had to do and continued doing it even after I was ready to go back to college. Once my head was screwed on a little better (nothing like doing the aforementioned jobs to convince you that’s NOT what you want to do for the rest of your life) I went back to school. Still working as a waitress, cutting hair in trade for textbooks, and using work study I paid my way through. Made decent grades by that time too. Funny how when you’re footing the bill you make it count.
Back to my point though. It’s wrong for anyone to think that telling someone to get a job, even if it’s at the lowest end of the employment spectrum means they’re racist. If you believe in personal responsibility, you will do what you need to do to better yourself. You understand that what happens in your life is determined largely by how you set goals and work to achieve those goals. No one owes any of us shit. Hear that Occupoopers? That’s the difference in the way a conservative views things and a liberal’s view. Conservatives believe in equality of opportunity. Liberals believe in equality of outcome. Which makes more sense?

I can’t blame him really. It’s like this. From time to time I encounter a liberal. Most of the time it happens online. The good thing about that is if you don’t know the person it’s easier to point out why their liberal beliefs are wrong but it feels weird if you know them personally. There’s so much wrong with this administration, Congress, including the Republican enablers of our downward spiral toward socialism that I can’t be silent any more. That’s where the nutty part comes in. I get angry at how blind some people still are with regard to Obama, his constant lying, pandering, stomping on the Constitution, and so on. So I stress out over the BS on Facebook and become obsessed with trying to give the other side and prove my point.
I was taught to not discuss religion and politics. That’s my comfort zone. Look where it’s gotten us though. While most people were just going about their business and not thinking too much about politics except during an election year, an unholy cabal of socialists, Marxists, and anarchists were using Alinsky’s ruls and Cloward-Piven to push their agenda, and they’ve been hugely successfull. To the point of electing one of their own to the highest office in the land by selling him as some sort of messiah and pied piper of all things good. So I must keep hammering away at the abject stupidity of even people I know.
I just wish people would think about things a little beyond what is said on the LSM or coming out of the WH but they don’t. When I was in college I remember a professor (probably a liberal but at least during that time they hid it) who had a sign on her door that said “Question authority”. Liberals don’t. Or at least they only question one side. Look for many sources of information, not the same old same old. Then draw conclusions.
I’m sure I’m not going to actually convince anyone with long-held progressive/commie/socialist beliefs that almost everything they’ve gulped down over the years is wrong. But I do hope there may be that rare individual in whom I can plant a seed of doubt in the Democrat party line. That maybe they’ll start to question, do some research, read a good book on economics, and realize that they’ve been lied to and manipulated.
I have to keep trying. There’s just too much at stake to let the lies go unanswered anymore. So yeah…I’m nuts. But I’d much rather go down fighting for what I believe in than continue to sit idly by while the loudmouth socialists among us drive this country not only in to the creek but down in to the river.
And just to show I’m not all in the tank for the GOP either…I saw this story last night. This is why we’re in the shape we’re in. It’s not purely a Democrat/progressive agenda. There are plenty of big spending, entrenched Republicans who are to blame also for this abysmal mess we’re in. Even if it drives me crazy.

I can tell you who I fervently hope it won’t be. Mittens Romney. Take a look at this story from Gateway Pundit. Do not believe anything coming out of the left and the WH. Lies, deflections, bogus stories, manipulations, etc. It’s their game plan.

No one here need think that I’m a big fan of the GOP–far from it–mostly a bag of worms and weenies. The focus here is on Obama since he’s in the hot seat so to speak so my ire gets directed that way. But I’ll be glad to give my unvarnished view of the GOP candidates for the askin’.

Romney–an entitled, entrenched Republican elitist. Arrogant. Thinks it’s ‘his turn’. Too milquetoast moderate with plenty of baggage that should have knocked him out of the running by now. Would be ineffective. Actually running an ad here where he says ‘I left Bain to save the Olympics’. Four years of arrogance in the WH is enough. Not no but hell no.
Santorum–just don’t know enough about him right now. Mixed bag from what I do. A possible
Paul–a barking moonbat…the GOPs answer to Dennis Kucinich…crazier than a shithouse rat….a nutter. Beyond that…some good ideas domestically, but off the rails crazy on international issues. Not no but hell no.
Perry–disagree on some issues, like on others. A possible
Gingrich–whip smart, would dust floor in a debate. Too much baggage in the end. Just a no.
Huntsman–good quips periodically but no

It’s almost mind-boggling the daily news. I hardly believe the info hitting the net on a regular basis of how that piece of complete asshattery in the WH is destroying this country. Everything he’s doing is designed to weaken the US. Remember the soldier/private insurance kerfluffle? Don’t think that that wasn’t designed to make anyone reconsider their decision to join the military. One of the reasons for joining is the idea the government will take care of you in return for your service. Remove that and….
CIA leaks? Posts showing the location of nuclear/military testing? All designed to demoralize those that protect us and are charged with developing ways to protect us. Who’d want to get involved in any organization if they cannot operate with some degree of cover?
Then he trots off to the ME to pander to the terrorists after telling his justice officials to petition the SC for immunity to be granted to some Saudis that ample evidence shows were complicit in the 9/11 attacks.
It IS difficult to believe. But all of it is true and have been on the news wires in the last week. I know I’m frustrated and angry. And wondering where the fuck the damn Republicans are. They should be taking to the airwaves to state the case that this is bullshit but the damn wussies are scared and silent. Every damn freaking one of them needs to be tossed out on their asses in 2010 or it’s toast for this once great nation. I’m doing my best to work for someone who is running against a RINO for Senate. What are YOU doing?