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Well, at least finally we can move on. This is so much political bullshit it’s hard to know where to begin. Prosecutors always over-charge. That way they know the jury will consider lesser charges and manslaughter is probably the most likely. It was a strange presser to say the least. Corey was positively giddy with this announcement–like she was enjoying the publicity. What the fuck was it about this ‘praying with the family’ bullshit? Do your damn job and get on with it. Leave your feelings at the door.
This is a win-win for her right now. She’s a poltician and at some point will be up for re-election. My understanding is she’s taken some heat for her handling of cases involving minorities and isn’t popular. Is this a way to get back in the good graces of the minority community and win re-election? She charges Zimmerman with the max, tosses it to a jury and if they even go to acquit, she’s still off the hook. The Martins get their big pay day, which is what they wanted anyway, and the taxpayers get the shaft for the expense of this bullshit. Everyone wins…almost.
So now we know why this didn’t go to a grand jury. There would have been a no bill. Can’t let that happen. A mob would be ugly. So let’s cave to the mob. I have two words for Ms. Corey. Mike Nifong. And we know how that turned out.
I only wish some reporter would have had the balls to ask her if anyone in a law enforcement capacity was going to ever charge Mohammed with the NBPP for threatening a citizen?


Interesting…Skittles and Tea

Posted: April 1, 2012 in Crazy shit

Gawd I’m getting old. I’m so unhip. Who knew?

It just gets more interesting

Posted: March 30, 2012 in Crazy shit, racism

Why am I still following the Martin-Zimmerman case? Because it’s an interesting study in how crappy and biased our media is/are. It’s a great microcosm in to the barking moonbattery that is the professional race hustlers too. Take all that stuff and stir well. What you get is a false narrative that is going to get people hurt. There are layers to this onion that we don’t know yet but one thing has become more clear as the weeks have passed that what was rushed out there at the beginning by the professional race warlords isn’t matching what more witnesses have said.
Yeah…I know ABC release a video of George Zimmerman in cuffs at the PD and gleefully announced there were no signs of wounds. I guess those witnesses were hallucinating. We know he received some sort of medical attention. If the moonbats would remove the tinfoil hats they would understand that for any medical person to examine a wound, they must carefully clean that wound to see the extent of the damage. Isn’t that logical? You have to know what you’re dealing with right? Especially if someone presents with a head wound. Football players get concussions all the frick time and they’re wearing helmets! This guy had his head slammed on the ground/sidewalk. A person with the basic first responder training is going to take that seriously. That simple bit of logic doesn’t stop those who are unable to process information which doesn’t coincide with a narrative to which they are clinging like a drunk chick to a guy at closing time.
Now we’re hearing from the mom of the 13 year old boy who allegedly has given the best account of what happened that night. Oh…and a million-fold pox on ABC for releasing this kid’s info. He’s probably had to be withdrawn from school by now. It would seem, according to the mom, that the lead detective didn’t believe Zimmerman and tried to get the kid to change his story. That’s pretty damning if true. I found this interesting too. The detective had this person’s info and basic statement that night BUT…he waited a week to interview this person. Why? Hoping he could be swayed later? I don’t know much, I admit it, but I do think that the evidence leads the detective, not the other way around.
So much is hanging on the resolution of this case. People’s lives are being disrupted needlessly because the media the police, have mishandled this case. We can’t actually know what information the grand jury will see. I just hope the people involved have the ability to think critically which seems to be in very short supply these days.

My idea of hell

Posted: March 15, 2012 in Crazy shit

I’ve been on flights with whiney kids. And crying babies. And loud teenagers. One time I was grateful that I was sitting in the rear where the engines were the brats further up were so bad. This story is interesting because finally a crew kicks a family off for their unruly brats. Naturally the clueless parents run to the morning shows to whine (just like their kids) and complain about the company not being nice. Screw them. See how the little darlings can’t behave for this short segment.
This flight would have been hell for everyone around them and that wouldn’t have been right to the other passengers.

Gotta be proud of something.

Posted: February 16, 2012 in Crazy shit

This stuff writes itself doesn’t it? If this is brag-worthy news, we’re screwed.

Urban legends, hoaxes, and so on

Posted: February 8, 2012 in Crazy shit

I have some dear friends who send all sorts of mail out. One in particular makes it a habit of sending things that are urban legends, internet hoaxes, chain mail, and so on. It was amusing back in 1995 to get any email. It’s not now. I’m not a hugely savvy person but even I figure out when something just doesn’t sound right. It’s too easy to check out emails that get circulated like the one purporting to be from Dr. Walter Williams, a conservative scholar and economist, where he writes why Obama will be re-elected. Just reading the first few lines I knew Dr. Williams could not have written this piece. Just too many red flags.
I know people mean well when they forward information about toilet spiders, thugs hiding in the back seat of your car, and articles allegedly penned by pundits making all sorts of claims, but really…it’s too easy to check this stuff out these days.
If you are guilty of forwarding emails with dire predictions, do us all a favor. Before you hit that send button, pull up a Bing search page and do a quickie search on the content. You may find more often than not it’s BS and you’ll be enlightened and save us all the extra deleting that inevitably comes from seeing this stuff hit our inbox.
OH…and one other thing, if you MUST forward something, please delete all previous email addresses. I will not look at anything anymore when I have to scroll through acres of other addresses to find the content. That is all.

This stuff writes itself

Posted: February 1, 2012 in Crazy shit

To many on the left, anyone who opposes gay marriage is just pure evil. Something about marriage being a ‘right’ in their eyes. Here’s the reality. Conservatives and independents don’t give a rat’s ass what you do behind closed doors. Consenting adults and all that. I don’t think many mind some sort of civil union. Whatever. That’s never been good enough though. They want church weddings sanctioned by a priest, pastor, reverend or somesuch. Well…if you believe in the Bible….it’s pretty clear on what’s deemed appropriate and a man laying with a man and a woman laying with a woman ain’t it. Besides, no animal in the animal kingdom practices homosexuality. None. That should tell us something.
So that brings me to what the point of all this is. The slippery slope. That’s what many of us who don’t agree with gay marriage see happening. It is aberrant behavior–whether you believe a person is born or made that way doesn’t matter. Many of us know and understand that as things like this are normalized, then other crap replaces it. Like this for instance.
What I find really just batshit crazy is there were people there playing music and celebrating with this demented woman. Following closely on the heels of this nutfest was some show the hubby had on where a woman was in love with what’s left of the Berlin Wall and some guy was kissing his antique VW Beetle. They even had a name for it. The woman was quite pleased with having a title for her shithouse rat craziness. I guess it made her feel special…or something. But anyway, once one weird ass thing becomes ok the bar moves. One question: Where does it stop?