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Smart meters….

Posted: February 21, 2012 in Energy, Global Warming, Green technology

Beware of these things. I truly believe that so-called smart meters are going to be a way the government can control your energy usage in the future. I know right now they claim it’s to HELP you make better decisions about your energy usage, but common sense should do that anyway. Need to do laundry? Do it in off hours. Ditto for cooking meals. Turn off the damn TV, lights, etc. I think there are even gadgets which allow people to set timers on heat and AC. So why would various government entitites be so determined that everyone should have these things? Can we not determine our own energy consumption? If we can or wish to pay for our usage, shouldn’t that be what determines the usage? This article from the UK last year gives a hint of what may come in the future here.

I remember my elderly mom and dad having something installed on their home which regulated their AC/Heat. In the summer, between 1p and 5p, their house would be unbearably hot. In the winter…ditto. That’s because this thing effectively shut off their system. Elderly people do not need extremes of temperature. I was miserable when I’d visit. Of course this was sold to them as a ‘cost saving’ feature and being on fixed incomes they bit.
There are other problems with this technology besides providing a way for the government to ultimately control another facet of your life. There are valid health concerns. CFP has an article from an environmental medicine journal which says these things can be dangerous due to their use of radio frequencies. This isn’t some futuristic babbling but uses well-documented research in to the effects of these frequencies on humans.
There are ways to resist the demands of local governments or power companies to install these on your home. Enough of us need to refuse them and cite this article. There are also resources online that will help you if you must confront a government or power company official over the potential installation of a smart meter.
More info can be found here and here. On that last link, scroll down to the YouTube video and the form letter at the bottom of the page.

Of being shocked at anything this administration does. But alas, somehow they are able to leave me dumbfounded yet again. I saw this story late last night and it’s just taken me a while to process it.
Now I understand that this has been somewhat of an issue going back to Clinton and again, both Clinton and Bush deserve some criticism for not dealing with this when they were in office. Now it appears this is going to happen and it looks like the Obama Administration is going to let it take effect. How can this happen? I guess it’s easy considering how unfriendly Emperor Obama is to US oil independence. He’s killed Keystone XL, he’s denied permits or had his lackeys prevent the exploitation of our own resources, so why wouldn’t he take another step to crippling our economy by giving islands and coastline to Russia which also have fossil fuel reserves?
When does this madness end?