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It’s what Obummer and his minions do best. Remember if you will to the Bush years. Dissent, according to liberals, was the highest form of patriotism. Now that the shoe is on the other foot though, not so much. Critics must be silenced. They know that if the critics are heard and people see that what Obummer and his legions are doing, and we have ample proof that he’s making things worse even at this early juncture, that the opposition will gain steam and grow. This just cannot be allowed to happen. So what do they do? Just what the asshole did during the election. Go after the messengers. Joe the Plumber–average citizen who dared question Obama about his tax policy gets his financial records and personal life pawed through by government (Obama) supporters. Nice little red herring that bit. It deflected the bigger issue of Obummer’s socialist agenda by attacking a citizen and the media were more than willing participants.
Don’t think the so-called Fairness Doctrine is dead either. It’s just waiting in the wings until they feel it’s safe to push it through like they did the Porkulous package. Now we learn that back in the fall a politcal clique of Begala, Carville, and none other than the tool’s Chief of Staff plotted to bring down Rush Limbaugh. Go after the person perceived as the head. It’s classic. If they can tumble him, the others will be easier. This is fascism folks. Silencing the enemy is exactly what every dictator that has ever goose stepped has done throughout history. Stalin, Hitler, Chavez, Castro. Libtards called Bush a dictator but there was never any evidence that he tried to silence the Hollyweird glitterati when they produced movie after movie attacking him. He never pushed any legislation that would limit the ability of the media to attack him. And he never had political advisers, one of whom is now the top dog in his cabinet, conspire to attack a leading critic. Never in the history of the US has one administration and it’s followers been so blatant about limiting speech in this country. It’s going to get worse unless people wise up.
I do have hope that that is what is starting to happen. I’m seeing more and more stories about citizens starting to ask questions and not getting any sufficient answers. Even some political pundits are questioning the Obamessiah. How does the administration deal with these criticisms? Easy–discredit, denigrate, and marginalize.
Remember the Santelli’s Rant in Chicago? I’ve seen it talked about by libturds as a ‘plant’, play acting, a right wing orchestration. You can see in some of the comments here that more than a few either didn’t get it or could only see it through their liberal spin glasses.
Now Cramer from CNBC is attacked. His comments are just for a ‘small audience’. Message to the morons in the WH…word gets around. Especially on the net. We understand your tactics and because of that they are losing their power. Perhaps a new day can dawn. 2010 is going to be interesting.


How much time off has this jerk taken since he took the oath of office? All these little junkets cost taxpayers. Remember how the libtards wailed everytime Bush went to his ranch? Dinners out, basketball games, designers and dresses for the First Alien. All this in the midst of economic crisis which his policies are exacerbating and increased levels of antagonism from his friends in Iran, NK, and Russia. THIS is exactly the kind of behavior one would expect from someone with no experience leading anything. He doesn’t know how. He just keeps doing what he’s always done–traveling around the country campaigning, going to events for his adoring fans, giving the occasional speech/photo op like yesterdays Camp Lejeune speech. Wow we got us good one. I finally figured out on my trip why Jimmy Carter loved Obummer so much. He’s the only possible ‘president’ who could make Carter’s term look good. Now there may be a dual worst presidency ever and that has to take the sting out for Carter somewhat.
Did you see this? Once again free speech is only tolerated if it is fawning over der fuhrer. Anything else will not be tolerated. Here’s the thing. This ain’t early 20th century Russia or China. Americans will not tolerate this type of intimidation (or attempt at intimidation) to silence opposition to asshole’s policies. This could get ugly and it won’t be good for Obamatons. Also, if he doesn’t know what his minions are doing on his behalf then he should repudiate their actions the minute he does in the interest of upholding the First Amendment. I’m willing to bet he already knows and is saying nothing because the Constitution means nothing to the jerk sworn to uphold it. He can allow his attack minions to do what they will while denying any involvement. It won’t work. It is going to piss a lot of people off. Apparently from the article no one who displays any indication they don’t drink the Obama koolaid will be spared–conservative, Republican, liberal, democrat, or independent. I should just save them the trouble and list myself. What a bunch of fascists.
In other news, the markets continue their freefall. Every time Odummer opens his yap or forces through some ‘legislation’ he says is necessary to thwart financial disaster the market falls. Gosh, I thought Sweetness and Light was supposed to turn everything around. Don’t give me this crap that he inherited this from Bush. The economy started its fall last year when news about the morgage mess came out (due to Dhimicrap and RINO misdeeds) then that weird ‘assault’ on our financial system which it appears now was designed to get Obummer elected. Who benefits? Not the average American I can assure you. Limousine libs (like Obummer and the First Alien) will make out like fat rats while the rabble who voted for him along with the rest of us who were trying to sound the alarm will be screwed. More here about Odumbos economic plan. More here about the worst February since 1933.
I also think these two (1 & 2) links from Boortz say it much better than I could so enjoy.