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Smart meters….

Posted: February 21, 2012 in Energy, Global Warming, Green technology

Beware of these things. I truly believe that so-called smart meters are going to be a way the government can control your energy usage in the future. I know right now they claim it’s to HELP you make better decisions about your energy usage, but common sense should do that anyway. Need to do laundry? Do it in off hours. Ditto for cooking meals. Turn off the damn TV, lights, etc. I think there are even gadgets which allow people to set timers on heat and AC. So why would various government entitites be so determined that everyone should have these things? Can we not determine our own energy consumption? If we can or wish to pay for our usage, shouldn’t that be what determines the usage? This article from the UK last year gives a hint of what may come in the future here.

I remember my elderly mom and dad having something installed on their home which regulated their AC/Heat. In the summer, between 1p and 5p, their house would be unbearably hot. In the winter…ditto. That’s because this thing effectively shut off their system. Elderly people do not need extremes of temperature. I was miserable when I’d visit. Of course this was sold to them as a ‘cost saving’ feature and being on fixed incomes they bit.
There are other problems with this technology besides providing a way for the government to ultimately control another facet of your life. There are valid health concerns. CFP has an article from an environmental medicine journal which says these things can be dangerous due to their use of radio frequencies. This isn’t some futuristic babbling but uses well-documented research in to the effects of these frequencies on humans.
There are ways to resist the demands of local governments or power companies to install these on your home. Enough of us need to refuse them and cite this article. There are also resources online that will help you if you must confront a government or power company official over the potential installation of a smart meter.
More info can be found here and here. On that last link, scroll down to the YouTube video and the form letter at the bottom of the page.


I’ve been saying for years now that electric cars are more harmful than gas powered. Where does the electricity come from to power those things? Mostly from coal-fired electric plants. Those very same plants Obama is shutting down. So bigger demand on fewer plants is going to cause energy prices to go through the roof and possibly make it difficult and expensive to run these things. And now we find outthey cause more pollutionthan their internal combustion engine counterparts. This just has me rolling on the floor with hysterics. Is there any form of ‘green technology’ that doesn’t have a downside worse than the original evil technology? If there is I’m not aware of it. Wind energy is bad on several levels. CFL lightbulbs? Don’t make me laugh.
It’s ridiculous. I’m not against progress. However most of these initiatives the government backs are just vote-buying schemes which make envirowackos feel all good and superior to the rest of us knuckle-dragging trogs but in reality do NOTHING and in many cases make things worse. ARGH!!!

NASA has released a study that says *gasp* the sun’s activity is responsible for global warming. I should go back and find a series of emails from a few months back from a GW asshat who thought my assertions on the sun’s activity was just silly. Get more here. yeah…I told ya so.

Everything they’ve told us would help us has had worse consequences once implemented by the government. Ethanol fuel blends = worse mileage and more pollution. They also contribute to a growing dead zone in the Gulf. Yet here when I go to fill up the fuel is still 10% ethanol.
Then it was wind farms. Oh they are supposed to turn wind in to electricity and save money. But what they don’t tell you is those big fans have to run constantly–powered by fossil fuel–in order to be ready for those big winds that blow up from time to time. Keeping them on that low power is highly inefficient yet the Greenies are forcing the government to finance them.
Next it’s all these ‘global warming initiatives’. More taxpayer funded boondoggles on a completely bogus theory. Cap and trade, carbon offsets, carbon credits. It’s all bullshit and won’t do a damn thing except separate you from more of YOUR hard earned money.
This takes the cake though. Up in the city of Troy, Michigan, they built a solar powered house to prove to people that a house could be built and work off the grid. It’s 800 square feet. And cost $900,000. It doesn’t work. First thing is the square feet to cost ratio. Holy crap–it’s a freaking rabbit hutch and almost a million dollars? I used to live in an apartment just over 400 square feet and I can tell you that’s tiny. Double that for a million dollars???!!! Maybe an apartment in a large city where I had to work but no frick way if it’s in the boonies. That’s stupidity on an amazing scale. But the kicker is the damn thing has so many problems that it is unliveable. Only the government could piss off taxpayer money like that. How can they justify that sort of expense? Read the story here. As usual, don’t skip the comments. They are enlightening. A warning though, anyone reading this needs to pass the word along about things like this that are going on around the country. Our only hope for defeating these wankers and their ridiculous initiatives is to be better informed and make our voices heard. Otherwise huge taxes disguises as eco-friendly gobblydegook are going to be pushed through and it’ll be much harder to fight once that happens.

More BS on the airwaves.
By now some of ya’ll have probably seen some Domino Sugar commercials touting their ‘carbon free’ sugar (which is stupid considering carbon is one of the components of a molecule of sugar). One of the things that ticks me off about this commercial is it says straight out that carbon is the cause of global warming. Anyhoo…I did some checking and it would seem they have signed on with some outfit called and a quick scan of the who we are section was quite revealing. The founders and upper eschelon had no degrees listed but they did work for the EPA and other companies. There were few earth science-related degrees listed on the rest. Most of the degrees were in public policy, urban planning, and gender studies (?) although I did notice that hiking and kayaking is now a qualification for influencing a company’s manufacturing methods. There are also many links to contribute money (big surprise). Does anyone need more proof that this crap is a scam? Get a bunch of like minded liberal wacko trolls together who think because they ‘feel’ something it must be real, create a company that will ‘help’ other companies decrease their carbon footprint and voila they make a living doing this!!!! In another century these idiots would be traveling snake oil salesmen selling liquor as a cure all and run out of town on a rail.

I am contacting Domino Sugar today to ask them to send me the study/link that proves carbon is causing global warming AND that man is responsible for that carbon. If they cannot, then their commercial is outright lying and should be removed from the airwaves immediately or I will file a complaint with the FCC for misleading/false advertising.
Let’s see if I hear anything back K?

What does it tell you when the High Priest himself doesn’t honor ‘Earth Hour’. Fucking hypocrite. He’s nothing more than a slimy snake oil salesman. And get your hands out of my pockets.

Earth Day Hour Pfftttt

Posted: March 29, 2009 in Economy, Global Warming

What a load of dogsqueeze. We ended up going to a dirt bike race where loads of fuel was burned. It was a long way from home so I had to fill up my car. Then we came home and lived our lives like we normally do. It was heartening to see all the cars on the road too. Apparently it was a big snoozer for many others. It’s becoming more obvious what a scam man-made global warming is and the deaf ear is being turned. HAHAHAHAHA
On the downside, I hope it doesn’t cause a backlash for the things that we should be doing anyway. Recycle and reuse things around the house. Combine trips in the car. Things that make sense because it saves money AND helps the environment. Not some moronic idea about turning your freaking lights off for one hour to ‘draw attention to climate change’. Spare me.