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Smart meters….

Posted: February 21, 2012 in Energy, Global Warming, Green technology

Beware of these things. I truly believe that so-called smart meters are going to be a way the government can control your energy usage in the future. I know right now they claim it’s to HELP you make better decisions about your energy usage, but common sense should do that anyway. Need to do laundry? Do it in off hours. Ditto for cooking meals. Turn off the damn TV, lights, etc. I think there are even gadgets which allow people to set timers on heat and AC. So why would various government entitites be so determined that everyone should have these things? Can we not determine our own energy consumption? If we can or wish to pay for our usage, shouldn’t that be what determines the usage? This article from the UK last year gives a hint of what may come in the future here.

I remember my elderly mom and dad having something installed on their home which regulated their AC/Heat. In the summer, between 1p and 5p, their house would be unbearably hot. In the winter…ditto. That’s because this thing effectively shut off their system. Elderly people do not need extremes of temperature. I was miserable when I’d visit. Of course this was sold to them as a ‘cost saving’ feature and being on fixed incomes they bit.
There are other problems with this technology besides providing a way for the government to ultimately control another facet of your life. There are valid health concerns. CFP has an article from an environmental medicine journal which says these things can be dangerous due to their use of radio frequencies. This isn’t some futuristic babbling but uses well-documented research in to the effects of these frequencies on humans.
There are ways to resist the demands of local governments or power companies to install these on your home. Enough of us need to refuse them and cite this article. There are also resources online that will help you if you must confront a government or power company official over the potential installation of a smart meter.
More info can be found here and here. On that last link, scroll down to the YouTube video and the form letter at the bottom of the page.


This is happening so much it would be laughable were it not for the billions, perhaps trillions of our tax money that have been funneled to these operations. What makes this latest one bad is even after getting taxpayer money AND moving to Mexico (what about jobs here?) they still couldn’t get this bullshit technology to be viable. The company’s name is Energy Conversion Devices. They received 13.3 million in tax credits last year. They moved from Michigan to Mexico. Democrats praised them just before they filed for bankruptcy. Is anyone keeping score on the number of companies and how much total has been thrown away on this garbage? How much more of this are we going to take?
And one more thing. Gas is at historic sustained highs. The prediction is it’ll be $4 a gallon by summer. Why isn’t there a constant media drumbeat blaming the president over gas prices now? Calls for releasing the strategic oil reserves? Not.a.peep.

I’ve been saying for years now that electric cars are more harmful than gas powered. Where does the electricity come from to power those things? Mostly from coal-fired electric plants. Those very same plants Obama is shutting down. So bigger demand on fewer plants is going to cause energy prices to go through the roof and possibly make it difficult and expensive to run these things. And now we find outthey cause more pollutionthan their internal combustion engine counterparts. This just has me rolling on the floor with hysterics. Is there any form of ‘green technology’ that doesn’t have a downside worse than the original evil technology? If there is I’m not aware of it. Wind energy is bad on several levels. CFL lightbulbs? Don’t make me laugh.
It’s ridiculous. I’m not against progress. However most of these initiatives the government backs are just vote-buying schemes which make envirowackos feel all good and superior to the rest of us knuckle-dragging trogs but in reality do NOTHING and in many cases make things worse. ARGH!!!

…known as the Chevy Volt. I think this car is a perfect icon of the Obama Administration. It’s a piece of crap from the word go but was promoted as the next great thing.
I believe in the free market. If people want something and that something is viable, an entrepreneur will figure out a way to create it, market it, and make money. What is that saying about necessity being the….? People would probably buy an electric care IF that car made its own electricity and was reliable. Current technology doesn’t allow for that. Which leads me to believe that there’s no one out there with an idea of how to make this work and they aren’t working on it for that very reason.
Our idiot leader and government wankers though think it’s their duty to toss taxpayer money at the flawed technology and somehow people are going to flock to dealerships. We’ve seen this over and over but I’ve never seen it at the level that the Obama Administration pushes. I wonder how much of taxpayer money has been flushed on green projects? A trillion? Who knows. What really chaps my buns is when it comes time to cut expenses, you know like you would do if you found your fundage short, they just can’t seem to find one area to cut. Stupids.
What got me to thinking about the Volt again was a story that popped up on the wires today. I find this hilarious….and sad.


Posted: February 3, 2012 in Green technology

This is what happens when government, ‘green’ technologies’ and taxpayer money collide. Seriously, can anyone tell me a ‘green’ technology that has yielded at least some benefit? Windfarms? They run on fossil fuels when there’s no wind and kill birds. Green cars? Most get their electricity from outlets…powered by fossil fuel power plants. And they catch fire. Solar panels? They take up a lot of room and really don’t give the bang for the buck. We looked in to panels for our pool. Found out that for the thousands of dollars we’d be laying out we’d get maybe two extra weeks a year. Big woo…. Solyndra, Ener1, A123 Systems, Fisker, Tesla Motors, Beacon Power, and Amonix are all companies given taxpayer money to the tune of billions each that have failed in their mission. Even countries like Denmark, held to be the prototype for wind energy by envirowackos here, has abandoned these as inefficient. Oh…and these things are ugly. What happens to them when their abandoned?
I don’t care if a private entrepreneur wants to sink their money in the development of a new technology. But people need to be more aware of where their tax dollars are going and demand our representatives stop this insanity. If an idea has legs, let private people take the risk and reap the rewards. Our government needs to get out of the business of thowing our money away.