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Gun Control

Posted: February 12, 2012 in Gun Rights

Been thinking about this gun control thing and a story popped up about former Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanual and his efforts in Chicago to deal with private gun ownership. I’ve maintained all along that when laws allowing law-abiding citizens to have guns are on the books and it is known people may be packing, criminals move on. Take the data illustrated on this chart for instance.

I feel sorry for people in Chicago, to a degree. They will have some unpleasant consequences to deal with if this happens.

Another question that comes to mind. Years ago it was decided that requiring potential voters to pay a fee to vote was a way DEMOCRATS used to prevent minorities from voting—an illegal poll tax. Voting in a Federal election isn’t a right enshrined within our Constitution by the way. However, the right to own a gun is. Yet politicians are enacting laws where potential gun owners must pay a fee for the right. How the hell is that not illegal?
Anyway, Wayne LaPierre gave a speech at CPAC yesterday that outlined the Obama agenda for a second term. I don’t think he’s fearmongering on this. Every now and again a comment will leak out from some Obama offical which either hints at or outright states what they want to accomplish. We’ve been warned.

The book of Duh

Posted: February 10, 2012 in Gun Rights

Eric Holder is a liar. Just like his boss. It’s particularly bad with him because he’s the top cop in the US–someone you’d think would really be about telling the truth, upholding the laws of this country, etc. With this administration though, all bets are off. So that’s why it’s shocking when he slips and tells the truth. He finally admitted that the whole purpose of Fast & Furious/Gunwalker was to get the ball rolling on gun control again. Now, even if you don’t own a gun, if you have read the Constitution and the writings of the Founding Fathers, you understand they believed in individual’s owning, or having the right to own, guns. If you don’t want to own one that’s fine. It’s a choice and a person’s right. It didn’t matter if you wanted a gun for hunting. Or defense. Or target practice. Whatever. They understood like so many don’t today that the first thing despots do is disarm the citizenry. It makes sense. If you wish to control people, you must be able to have power over them. A person with access to their own firepower will not fall in line easily.
So what did Holder specifically say?

“This administration has consistently favored the reinstitution of the assault weapons ban. It is something that we think was useful in the past with regard to the reduction that we’ve seen in crime, and certainly would have a positive impact on our relationship and the crime situation in Mexico.”
Define ‘assault weapon’? Bottom line any gun could be labeled an assault weapon. And when did any ban on ‘assault’ weapons do anything useful in the past? Here’s a nasty fact these assholes don’t want people to know. When strict gun control laws go in to effect, the crime rates go up. Criminals LOVE knowing what areas have people who can’t or won’t be able to defend themselves. Give them locations where someone may be legally packing and they’ll move on. Simple as that.
This administration from the top down has wiped their ass with our Constitution, our collective history, our national identity and pride since January, 2009. I pray pray pray that we give them the heave ho in November. If not, the 2nd Amendment won’t be the only part of the Bill of Rights that will be rendered null and void after another four years.

Whenever there’s a tragic death of a child by a gun in someone’s home, that’s sad. Almost without exception it is the fault of the parents for not securing the gun in the first place. Many in the media don’t want to pile on the guilt of the parents by saying this and I can certainly understand but it needs to be said. If you have guns in your house AND you’re a responsible gun owner, you will put them where only an adult can access them in times of emergency. All the kids in the house need to understand that ONLY the adults handle them until such time the kids can be deemed responsible enough to handle them. It’s that simple.
So media outlets constantly report on tragedy’s like the above because being leftists, they want strict gun control laws. By their reasoning, we should most likely outlaw cars too because handling them irresponsibly can lead to the death of innocents. It’s a flawed argument. They rarely report on stories such as these. They do happen though and a lot more than most people think. Many states now have something called the ‘castle doctrine’ which allows the homeowner to use whatever force is necessary to not only defend themselves but their property. So if someone breaks in to your house, whether or not you see a weapon, you can assume they are there to do you harm, your family, or your property and if they don’t leave when demanded, you can shoot them. When places pass laws like that, crime rates often if not always go down. Why? Because criminals like easy pickings and if they don’t know someone is packing, they’ll move on.
Be careful though. Some states do not have this law. In those areas you must make a ‘reasonable attempt’ to flee. Yeah…just give ’em the keys to the house, car, jewelry, or let them harm your relatives. Just don’t fight back or you’ll be the one on the hotseat. Total BS. As the saying goes, I’d rather be tried by twelve than carried by six. So happy I live in a state that hasn’t lost its mind…yet.

Feel good story

Posted: January 6, 2012 in Gun Rights
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This actually hit the wires yesterday. A young mom, finding herself alone after the recent death of her husband, realizes some men are trying to break in to her home. It’s just her and the baby. And a shotgun. She gets the gun and calls 911. When one of the men comes through the door, he quickly assumes room temperature. The other perp turns himself in. This is the second story in as many weeks of a person using a weapon to defend themselves and others while the thugs are take out of the gene pool. More here. Copy/past the URL cuz wordpress is awfully fiddly and doesn’t want to do the link right.


It’s 64 pages long but the charts and state-by-state synopsis is really eye opening.

You do understand that not only is this guy a serious tax cheater, but he’s also responsible for TARP which is a horrendous mistake. How many more crooks will Obummer have on his cabinet? Just par for the course since he himself is a product of the corrupt Chicago political machine. Perfect.
Here’s an update to a blog entry last week about the rise in gun ownership. According to this article, even though crime is down, more people are taking self-defense classes and buying guns. Perhaps people are thinking ahead for a change. Numbers have to be analyzed and crunched so it could take a year before there is a change in crime rates. So it’s good people are taking charge of their lives and safety instead of waiting for government to do it. Of course, since this is the AJC I couldn’t help noticing the liberal slant on this trend, exemplified here:

Gun ownership has become a hot topic on message boards and social networking sites dedicated to intown crime concerns. And some of the remarks following the Jan. 15 fatal shooting of a robbery suspect by his intended victim outside an East Atlanta bar illustrated an undercurrent of vigilantism. *emphasis mine*

Um no assholes, it’s not vigilantism if you are protecting yourself, someone else, or your property. It’s called self-defense. What a bunch of dumb twits.

Speaking of crime….take a look at what followers of the Religion of Peace have done to a neighborhood in Sweden. Ask yourself if you really think these assholes can ever get along with anyone else. That would be a no. And that ignorant or dangerous boob in the White House thinks he can talk to these thugs? Let’s see how that works for us all. OH…and this is just too good to pass up. Remember how everything GWB did or said that looked stupid, even if it was something the rest of us as human beings have do every day, was blown up as proof that he was dumb? Well, seems The Messiah almost mistook a window for a door at the White House. I’d say by the precedent set during the last administration this would make him an embarrassment and a dumbass. HA.

That’s it for me today, I have had a ton of things to do and now it’s volunteer work time. If I’ve done my job correctly there’ll be a few bedwetters that’ll have their crying towels out over this post.

Gun purchases explode

Posted: January 18, 2009 in Gun Rights
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Yeah, I know. Lot’s of pundits are saying it’s because Obambi is anti-gun and they’re right. But I think there’s another reason. It’s because of the economy. I think lots of folks know that crime in general is going to go through the roof. If Obambi doesn’t solve all their problems, pay all their bills, give them an education and flat screen TV, then they’ll just have to take it from those that do have those things. I’m willing to bet that during the Great Depression crime rates spiked too. But I’m also willing to bet that it was in isolated pockets and in isolated circumstances like gangsters and in large cities. Not so now. We have raised a people in a nation for 40+ years that has come to see government as their savior or provider and they have all kinds of rights dontchaknow. Wants become needs and if they don’t have it that doesn’t mean they aren’t entitled to it. Well too bad. Those that have made good decisions about their lives or dug themselves out of bad decisions in order to live comfortably aren’t likely to just hand their hard-earned stuff over. Enter gun ownership. I’ve been seeing quite a few stories like this in the last week were someone with a CCW took out a dirtbag who was in the process of trying to relieve them or someone else of their property. Good riddance to bad crap. I know there’s more of this coming but like a cop who was interviewed after one of these incidents said, perps need to understand that their victim may be packing.
I have my gun and ammo ready, do you?

Update 12/18: Yet another homeowner defends himself, another dirtbag TU.