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Posted: March 21, 2012 in healthcare

It’s becoming a big point of discussion among some of my acquaintances. One in particular thinks our current healthcare system, or I should say the PreObamacare, system stinks. E V E R Y O N E else in the world’s system is better than the US. Naturally I disagree. Otherwise why are so many people coming to the US for their procedures.
I maintain that the problem with our system is government interference. They continually meddle, as they have for years, to ‘fix’ problems instead of letting the market handle it and VOILA! the problems become worse, the government interferes more to fix the problems it created until we have the situation we have now. So what’s the solution? More government meddling.
Remember when Granny Botox said we’d have to pass the thing to see the goodies? Well, we are beginning to see the goodies and let’s face it, we’re screwed if this monstrosity isn’t scrapped. BTW…I don’t look to the SC to scrap it. You have a wise latina and an obamabot who did paperwork to get it passed (and hence should recuse herself but won’t) on the SC. I’ve no doubt they’ll side with The One.
I have a question for anyone who thinks this is going to work out well for everyone. When has the government ever done anything that is cost-effective and gives you the bang for the buck? Never right? DMV? Haha Medicare/Medicaid? Don’t make me laugh. TSA? oh gawd Another question then. What makes you think the government, with its layers of bureaucracy will be able to handle the healthcare needs of people? If you said it won’t or can’t, you are right. There is no effing way government bureaucrats will be able to make decisions timely. There is no effing way the government can guarantee ‘free’ healthcare without taxes going up exponentially AND there being limits of some sort. Rationing, deathe panels. Yeah, that’ll be in there. It is logical and historically a fact with other single-pay systems. Don’t think it’ll be any different here because it won’t. Historically, we do many things better than the rest of the world but this won’t be one of them.
There are other options for reforming healthcare. Oh, and lest I forget this was never about health care. It is about health insurance. No one, NO ONE here is ever turned down for health care if it’s necessary.
While nosing around online I found this article from 2007 about European health care systems. It’s interesting because it’s from a UK news source and explains the difference between their miserable system and Europe, which to them is better. I’ll keep digging and see if I can find a decent and honest analysis of the US system vs Europe. Sources are going to be important (no frickin’ way will I cite a LSM or UN-based source of info) so stay tuned.


This is important

Posted: January 14, 2012 in Economy, healthcare
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For anyone out there who thinks Obamacare is going to be wonderful once it’s fully implemented, think again. On November 24th, Mark Levin received a phone call from a neurosurgeon who had just attended a conference and judging from the audio, one topic was how Obamacare will change his field. None of this has been published or reported in the media. And don’t look for it to be either. But essentially, if you are over 70 and need some type of expensive surgery, you won’t get it. Under the verbage of this bill, you are no longer a person but a unit. And a government worker will decide if you get the surgery. If you need this surgery at 3am, the doctor will have to wait until business hours.
For those of us who aren’t 70 yet, this is our future. But what about our moms or grandmoms? Older brothers, sisters, friends, etc? This will affect them sooner. So to all those enlightened morons–the twenty somethings who think they have all the answers—think about it. And any other idiot that continues to support the progressive agenda do us all a favor, don’t vote in the next election. You have proven by your support you are too stupid to do justice to the priviledge of voting.