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This is interesting. McDonalds has announced itself as the marquee sponsor of La Raza’s convention this year. La Raza is a bigoted, racist organization. No…they don’t say that but that’s who they are. Anyway, here’s a website where you can go and sign a petition and info on boycotting McDonalds. Do it. Do it today. These morons need to understand that we just aren’t going to take it anymore. 80% of us want our immigration laws enforced. La Raza promotes the takeover of the southwestern US for ‘the Race’. And they ain’t talking 10K.
Also note Loews Vanderbilt Hotel in Nashville has cancelled a conference on Jihad in the US, Asia, and Europe. Why? They claim it’s for safety reasons. Yeah…right. All the FBI, state police, military, Homeland Security, etc and they can’t have a conference to discuss this very important matter? Again, write, email, or call the hotels managing director Tom Negri or either of these two:
Ms. Goldfischer can be reached at the following phone number and email address in New York:

Phone: (212) 521-2833
Fax: (212) 521-2379

If Ms. Goldfischer is unreachable (which may be the case if enough of you take action!!) contact Ellen Gale, Vice President of Public Relations for the Loews Nashville Regional office at her contact information below.

Ellen Gale
Phone: (202) 587-2686

I did and while I don’t expect to hear anything, I hope they receive enough email to crash their systems. This is a boneheaded move on their part. Information is the most vital weapon citizens can use to combat the current methods used by those that seek to destroy our way of life. Freedom of speech and the freedom to assemble peaceably is, at least for the time being, the most cherished of our freedoms as American citizens. It is unconscionable that any company would turn their back on such a right by caving in to the demands of what the media constantly tells us is a small minority. If a company like Loews can be manipulated to placate a few people while denying others the rights mentioned above, then the Constitution will inevitably become meaningless and we all will be held hostage to Islamic Jihad. It’s all about precedents.

Especially from libtard readers. Heading out today to help the folks work on their house. Actually I’ll be doing the work. They have no business doing anything beyond supervising. Until next time, here are some nifty articles about Mr. Hopenchange that are rather enlightening.
First off, in case you weren’t paying attention there was some blurbs in the news during the election about Mr. O’s mortgage deal. I remember distinctly we were told by the media that there was nothing to the mortgage rate he got. Well…now the truth comes out. Here’s an excerpt:
But while the FEC ruled that no laws were violated, the agency did confirm that Obama received the discount rate.
And the lending institution has acknowledged that Obama got preferential loan terms due to his position in the Senate.
The complaint was filed in July 2008 by Judicial Watch, a non-profit educational foundation that works to combat government corruption.
It stated that Obama received a home loan of $1.32 million at a rate of 5.625 percent from Northern Trust in Illinois, although the average going rate at the time, according to two different surveys, was between 5.93 and 6 percent.
The Washington Post, which first raised questions about the loan, noted that “Obama paid no origination fee or discount points, as some consumers do to reduce their interest rates.”
The Post calculated that the favorable rate would save Obama $300 a month, amounting to at least $108,000 over the life of the 30-year loan.

So while you all are struggling to get by, the Obummer’s lock in a sweet deal on their house based on nothing more than his job. Thanks Newsmax for following up on this story.

More good news: The Obummer administration is now showing their hand on illegal immigration and the ramifications will be dire to those actual citizens who are looking for jobs. I especially liked the line about his attack dog Rahm (a really nasty version of Rove) and his role as the architect of the Dems 2006 takeover of Congress and the shift toward embracing lawbreakers.
As a major force behind the Democrats’ takeover of Congress in the 2006 elections, Rep. Rahm Emanuel was seen as stalling House consideration of immigration reform for fear of a backlash against Democratic candidates.
But now as President Barack Obama‚Äôs chief of staff, “Emanuel is removing roadblocks that stand in the way of some of the legislative agenda benefitting immigration, ethnic minorities and their advocates,” reported.

So, while you are pounding the pavement looking for a job, remember Mr. Hopenchange in the WH and his policy to open the welcome mat to lawbreakers who will suck down all kinds of taxpayer money. Nice.

And last but not least. The AJC site has one of those nifty ‘how’s Obummer doing’ blogs up right now. No, I haven’t commented. But I’ve read the comments and they are interesting. They are showing a level of unrest and irritation with the job he’s done in his first month. The sound of disillusionment is like a controlled building implosion and growing. There are the requisite koolaid drinkers defending their president like they would a lemon car. And no…Obummer didn’t inherit this problem from Bush. He and his cohorts caused the housing crash which has, through his behavior and policies in only his first month to snowball, in to a full blow recession. His policies like this rushed through stimulus bill are going to prolong and exacerbate the economic situation. He’s talking about slapping more taxes on an already overburdened taxpaying public. The stock market, which is an emotional indicator, has dropped to a 10 year low. All this in HIS first month and he’s had TWO vacations since taking the oath. Great job!!!! Some messiah….

**I’m saving this for a future post but now that the Scamulous bill has been signed, some of it’s provisions are finally seeing the light of day and what they are going to do to us is beyond the pale. 2010 is our only hope…..

More citizens are killed in this country daily, on average, than a soldier is in a foreign theater. By illegal aliens. While the left wails away about these poor people just coming here for a better life, innocent law abiding people are murdered because we have elected officials that don’t have the moral terpitude to do what’s right and uphold the laws they are sworn to uphold. Bastards all of them. If you read this and would like more information or even to donate to the FIRE Coalition, please do so. Subscribe to their email newsletter and get updates on employers who hire illegals. Only when the bright sunlight shines on these cockroaches and their enablers will we be able to get them to do the job they are supposed to do. I received one such update today and since it concerns my home state, I thought I’d reprint it here.
My name is Emily Moose. I am a 60 year old Mother of 4 and Grandmother of 8. I was born and raised in Fayetteville, NC and moved to Charlotte Mecklenburg after college. My Son and two of my Daughters were born in Charlotte. I moved to South Carolina in 1984 and still reside in York County.

I am pretty sure that no one who reads this really cares who I am or where I am from, however, after spending a very emotional Christmas season with my grandchildren, I felt compelled to write to all who have the power and the elected authority to make changes in the laws and uphold the already in place laws of this state and nation. Each and every one of you took an Oath to uphold and defend the North Carolina Constitution and the US Constitution, and you are sworn to do this “So Help You God”. Protecting the Citizens of North Carolina is your sworn duty. My family and I, live each and every day in anguish, because you all have failed to do your duty and continue to turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to the safety of the people of North Carolina.

According to a ratification of the US Constitution, by the North Carolina legislators, Article IV, Section 4, “The United States shall guarantee to every state in this Union a Republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion.”

The state of North Carolina and every state in this nation, has been and continues to be invaded by illegal immigrants. When you, our elected officials, do nothing to help or support our local police and sheriff departments protect the citizens from illegals who sneak into our Nation, you are providing a “safe haven” for criminals, and that my friends, is a felony. It is appalling to me that our State legislators are aiding and abetting this activity.

We have several counties in North and South Carolina that were effectively combating the criminal aspect that is a direct result of the presence of illegals. These counties are successfully identifying arrested people through the 287G Federal program. Many counties in North Carolina have been able to identify thousands of murders, sex offenders, child predators, human traffic smugglers, drug dealers, and many more. If this 287G program had been in effect in Brunswick County, NC in 2005 my only Son, Scott Gardner, would be alive today.

Scott was killed by a 6 time DUI offender. The man that killed my child had been in front of a judge in North Carolina on 5 different occasions, but never was he sentenced to jail time or deported. I hold the system responsible for Scott’s death. You see our legislators hold the civil rights of the millions of illegals in higher regard than for those of us who respect the laws, abide by the rules, pay our taxes and work for a better tomorrow.

In reference to the funding for the 287G program, Senator Kinnard, from Orange and Person County, has been quoted as saying that “”We’ve given them so much money to do nothing but damage,” said Kinnard, co-chair of the Appropriations on Justice and Public Safety Committee. “Just hurting people, it’s terrible. I just feel as though the state of North Carolina and sheriffs have no business getting involved in federal issues.” She also stated that all people are “God’s children”.

Yes, we are, however, some of God’s children have a high regard for precious human life and the others need to be held accountable. She also was quoted as saying that many people die as a result of Drunk Driving, and again, she is correct. The tragedy that drinking and driving bring is unacceptable. The difference between a citizen committing harm due to drinking and driving, is that the citizen can be found after and is held accountable financially and is punished by the judicial system.

Most illegals that hurt and kill because of drinking and driving never get apprehended and if they do, they make bail and vanish into the fabric of the Nation again. They carry no insurance and most have no state issued privilege to drive. The man that drove the truck that struck my family head on was very informed as to how to circumvent the law. Despite screams from the vehicle that carried my family, he fled the scene. He removed his clothing and buried it so that DNA could not prove that he was the driver. Now for someone who claimed not to speak or understand English, he was very knowledgeable about how to cover his crimes.

This knowledge does not just come to these people. They are groomed prior to ever entering our Nation through the holes in the fences. They know exactly what states to go to for driving licenses, they know just how to get their children in our schools, they know just how many children to have in this Nation and how much free money each child will get them. As state legislators, you must see that this is a dangerous treat to our safety. You must uphold your oath to protect the citizens.

After our family’s personal tragedy, we received medical bills for the care that my Son and his wife Tina received. The four illegal immigrants never were billed for their medical treatment. My beautiful daughter-in-law remains in a permanent vegetative state today and is being cared for in a nursing facility in Dunn, NC. All of my Son’s life insurance money was taken by Medicare for her care there. My two beautiful grandchildren, who are for all intents and purposes, orphans are not eligible for Medicare, but my tax dollars and the tax dollars of Tina’s family, have to pay to incarcerate the illegal that stole our future. All of his legal expenses have been taken care of by the North Carolina taxpayers and my feeling is, that even though he is in prison, his life is much better because of our citizens’ tax dollars.

The most horrible part of our story is that, we are not isolated. Twenty five American citizens are killed every single day, at the hands of a illegal. Senator Kinnard has also stated that [Representative] Sue Myrick of Mecklenburg County and the County of Alamance are guilty of racial profiling. How dare her or any other legislator that shares her same ridiculous misgivings make such statements. The facts prove that this is not a racial issue, IT IS ONE OF NATIONAL SECURITY.

Only when you walk in the shoes of the Gardner’s or any of the other families that are listed on website or Operation Body Count, can you fully understand how critical this kind of thinking is.

Senator Kinnard also believes that we should have open borders with Mexico like that of Canada. How many more 9/11’s does she want to see in her lifetime. Homeland Security should be a number one topic on each of your agendas, and as long as we allow anyone to come and go across our borders and stay as long as they see fit and partake of our resources, we have absolutely no security from anything.

On Jan 12th, we are holding in Rock Hill, SC a National [Security Conference]. We have invited Senator Kinnard personally, however she stated that she did not have the time nor could she afford to attend. We offered to pay her way, but she still refused to be with us and hear the real facts and truths regarding the need to curb and downsize the number of immigrants allowed to enter our country.

As a Co-Chairperson of the Public Safety Appropriations Committee for the state of NC, one would think that she might better serve her state and her constituents by attending and gathering facts rather than acting and speaking out of ignorance. There will be testimony from many from all over the Nation as well as the state of North and South Carolina. We would love for all state representatives to attend.

For more information and/or details of the meeting, please call Virginia Faircloth at 803-984-1689. Our Nation suffers in excess of 9,000 deaths a year at the hands of “illegal” aliens. These numbers are higher than the losses we suffer in the Iraq War. Unacceptable, preventable, and unless you, as a state legislator take a firm stand to enforce on all levels our immigration laws, you are aiding in these heinous crimes. If I sound mad and betrayed, it is because I am. My state and nation has betrayed it’s citizens far to long, and for me, I paid the ultimate price.

Thank you for attention,

Emily Moose

This carnage and lawbreaking HAS to stop.