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Liberal media dementia

Posted: March 14, 2012 in Celebutards, liberals

Let’s talk misogyny…

Posted: March 13, 2012 in liberals, politics

***language aler***

Since this is still an ongoing brouhahah, to all the liberals, I’d like to ask a few questions.
Why didn’t you demand apologies and demand the removal of Bill Maher from HBOs line up when he called Sarah Palin a cunt, twat, and slut?
Why didn’t you demand apologies or the removal of Letterman when he said Palin looked like a slutty stewardess and her then 14 year old daughter got knocked up by ARod?
Why didn’t you demand apologies or the removal of Ed Shultz when he called Laura Ingraham a slut?
Why didn’t you stand in support of a young White House intern who had been taken advantage of by a much older man in power?
Why didn’t you stand in support of several women who only asked for a day in court to have their claim of sexual assualt by Bill Clinton?
Why did you continually praise an alcoholic reprobate who allowed a young woman to drown?
Why did you praise, reward, and work to re-elect two US Senators who delighted, in their drunken stupors, to assault waitresses?
Why is it OK for POTUS to accept money from a man who has called women some of the worst names possible?
These are a few examples of women who were ripped to shreds by the leftists and media (redundant I know) instead of being given support as potential victims. These are a few examples of conservative women who’ve done nothing wrong yet have been called stupid, ignorant, snow billies, cunts, whores, sluts, etc.
Just like with minorities, if you really supported women, it wouldn’t matter their political affiliation if they’ve been slandered or attacked. So…why the double standard?

slut (slt) n.
1. a. A person, especially a woman, considered sexually promiscuous.
b. A woman prostitute.
2. A slovenly woman; a slattern.

Manufactured outrage. Fluke is a slut, per definition 1.a. above. She’s also a lying dimrat activist (remember she claimed to be 23 when in fact she is 30). This was nothing more than a manufactured distraction engineered by the left to take the focus away from the issue of freedom–because the government is trying desperately to insert itself in to every facet of our lives. With this brouhaha we now have the media driving the narrative that the conservatives want to turn the clock back to the 1950’s. Bullfuckingshit. So a bunch of Rush’s liberal advertisers have pulled their ads because of the 25% (liberals) who have nothing better to do while living in their mom’s basement than send nastygrams to companies threatening boycotts. Like a significant number of them are personally responsible to use Carbonite? I’m surprised the government isn’t taking them over and giving the service to the commies. Meanwhile, the rest of us 75 percenters (conservatives and moderates) who are trying to survive the ogabe economy have to just deal with the fall out. There aren’t enough hours in the day to fight all the crap served by the leftists.
So…to make things easier, here’s a good article that should help anyone with their future purchasing decisions. You must read the whole article though to get through the tangled web of leftists who own companies that used to advertise on Rush. One of them, Proflowers, I wouldn’t recommend to anyone anyway. They also have a few partner companies like Shari’s Berries or something. We had a bad experience with Proflowers and one of their partners which took weeks to resolve. Clueless fucking morons. Never had that problem with 1800Flowers or a local florist so there ya go.

Couldn’t resist this

Posted: March 6, 2012 in liberals

To be fair, many buses run on CNG but the enviorwackos and their EiC won’t even let us drill for that.

Pretty much says it all

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The war against Christianity

Posted: February 20, 2012 in liberals, Religion

I’m a Christian. I know people who aren’t and one good friend is an athiest. Here’s the thing about most average Christians. We believe people have the free will to come to their own truths with the understanding they accept the consequences, good or bad, for that decision. There are sects who try to hammer you over the head to convert but for the most part, they are a minority. Unfortunately it’s that minority which gets the most attention and liberals seize upon as proof that Christians are Bible-thumping zealots.
Those same liberals ignore the actual and widespread instructions and admonishments of imams to convert, enslave, or kill those who choose to not believe in Mohammed. I don’t get it but there it is. No other religion or belief system other than islam makes these sorts of demands and is responsible for so much violence and suffering in the name of their religion throughout the world. Given that the current liberal-supported lifestyle is the most reprehensible to Mohammedans it just seems super strange they would be so ignorant and supportive of Islam over other tolerant religions like Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, etc.
I guess when you are the religion with the most membership worldwide right now, then that’s the one which must be constantly attacked.. That’s the only logic. Several stories popped up this weekend that illustrate what I mean. In Washington DC, our nation’s capital and seat of our representative democracy, a group of religious leaders unhappy with Obama’s demands on contraception held a peaceful protest in front of the White House. They were arrested.
This weekend also saw the report of a Catholic school in Louisiana becoming the victim of arson. Why? I’m sure we’ll never know. This won’t even make the evening news. If it were a mosque however, the streets would be running with blood in the Middle East and every worthless politician concerned only with making brownie points and getting some facetime would be calling for investigations and prosecutions to the highest level.
It’s past time for people everywhere to get some common sense and stop being baited by those why cry ‘islamophobia’ at every perceived slight while ignoring actual crimes and attacks. We’re a nation based on Judeo-Christian values. Our Founding Fathers went out of their way to ensure there would be a place for other religions separate from secular life, but they recognized the importance over and over of those same Judeo-Christian values in the course of human affairs. Adherents to islam and proggies need to get over that and realize that we will never allow them to take this country over and turn it in to a backwards, third world cesspool like so many Middle Eastern countries. You know that ones…where women aren’t permitted to drive and have to wear ridiculous outfits covering their whole bodies while the men just do what the hell they want. Where women and children are nothing more than property to be disposed of as the males in the family see fit. Where homosexuals are routinely executed and anyone who doesn’t follow a strictly proscribed lifestyle can be censured or worse. I’m absolutely sick of these constant attacks from the leftists in this country against Christianity. They’d better take a good look at the group they are sucking up to…because they will be the first ones eliminated if islamists ever do control any portion of this country beyond Dearborn, Michigan. Just ask the last remaining Christians there.

Facebook is a fertile field of barking moonbats. And I’ll admit it is kinda fun getting them in a corner and poking them with a sharp stick. Some days it’s not worth the effort though. I know I’m not going to convince anyone who has bathed so often in the nutball bath that is liberalism that pretty much everything they’ve been told is wrong. Some people, your’s truly included, had to find things out the hard way.
It’s difficult for me to believe that after at least four years, well from 2007 to 2011, of progressive policies which have taken a country from limping on the side of the road to being hobo-rolled in the ditch, that we need four more of the same. How absolutely clue-impaired do you have to be to no understand that the country is NOT better off now than five years ago? Look at all the stats available from unbiased sources. Real unemployment is still in double digits (that 8.5 stuff released from the WH is complete BS). The average cost of a gallon of gas is a a historic sustained amount. The prices of food continues to rise in part because of the cost of fuel. All of these things and more mean people who are struggling will have less money in their pocket for even the basics. I’ve seen more homeless people lately than I’ve ever seen and that includes when I lived in a large southern city. Homeless people with dogs, which just rips my heart out. I’ve never given to homeless people before as I know many make pretty darn good money tax free standing on a street corner, but when I see someone and their pet, that’s different. Knowing they are not abandoning their buddy to a kill shelter is worth something to me and I will give them something if I have it. But I digress.
So I see this long screed on FB where everything from low tire pressure and anal seepage was attributable to GWB and had to jump in. I’m going to select here two choice points in the diatribe which show the liberal attack lines of wealth envy and racism are very effective with people who can’t think for themselves. One note too…I have no idea where this twerp got their info but that doesn’t really matter. Obama pulls stuff out of his ass all the time too.
“You didn’t get mad when we gave people who had more money than they could spend, the 1%, over a trillion dollars in tax breaks.” So…if someone ‘has more money than they can spend’ they should just hand it over to others? How Marxist. and so Obama. Listen, I’m unemployed right now. So by their logic, if they’re working I think it only ‘fair’ they send me every pay period 30% of their pre-tax pay. I’m betting if I said that the proggie’s head would explode. When it’s other people’s money, especially those defined as rich by whoever’s making the definition, it’s OK. But to someone who has no income, even minimum wage is something so there. Oh…and ‘more money than they can spend’? Really? Is there such a thing? If they want to ‘spend’ their surplus by putting it in to a retirement account, that’s their business. They earned it. Besides…whatever happened to ‘thou shall not covet’?
“You finally got mad when a black man was elected President and decided that people in America deserved the right to see a doctor if they are sick. Yes, illegal wars, lies, corruption, torture, job losses by the millions, stealing your tax dollars to make the rich richer, and the worst economic disaster since 1929 are all okay with you, but helping fellow Americans who are sick… ” Yeah…it’s all about raaaaaaacism. People have ALWAYS been able to see a doctor if they’re sick. NO ONE is turned away from ERs, etc…it’s the law. Right there. Don’t believe me…go to an ER and ask the triage nurse how many indigents (and illegals) use the ER as their primary care facility…which people paying taxes must support.
So there you have it. Wealth envy and racism. Those are going to be what the left will hammer on later this year. It’s all they’ve got. They can’t run on The One’s record. So they must deflect with emotionally-laden white rabbits. I have a feeling it’s all going to hit liberals one dayu like an anvil on Wiley Coyote. I’ll be first in line to say “I told you so”.

Much ado about nothing

Posted: January 31, 2012 in liberals, Obama, politics

President Thin Skin indeed…..
We’ve heard a lot over the last few days since Dear Leader met with Jan Brewer on the tarmac over the now infamous finger wag. I’m not sure what the big deal is. I guess the leftists have their knickers in a twist because there’s a photograph showing the governor and President Thin Skin engrossed in some conversation and a pic was snapped while she had her finger up. Big hairy effing deal. Really…is there no form of normal conversational or gestural behavior that won’t be construed as racism where these tools are concerned?
So…let’s say for giggles here that it would always be inappropriate for people in authority positions to point fingers at other people. What would they say about this:
I believe that’s the Prime Minister of Canada and The One in a pic from 2010. Is Obama a raaaaaacist for pointing his finger at Harper?
I also remember an incident within the last year where a video showed him inappropriately touching someone else in a gesture I saw as threatening or intimidating. As a businessperson, that sort of behavior would be completely inappropriate. When I remarked to hubby, he felt the same way. But nary a word was said.

Let’s take this one step further. The liberal media is all atwitter over Brewer’s lack of cowtowing. So how did the liberal media treat a sitting president back in 2006? Well…take a look at the esteemed Brian Williams in this screen cap.

So there ya go, it’s OK for The One to wag his digits at the leaders of other countries or to show disrespect for governors of US states. It’s even ok for some crap hack journalist to wag his finger at a president. That’s as far as the wagging goes less liberals soil themselves in a collective whinefest. I mean, it’s not like he’s giving us the finger all the time eh?

First off…most people using that word have no fricking idea what it really means. We saw it in the 2008 election cycle. Anyone who criticized Obama in any way got that label. It scared some people. It scared some media outlets. But that’s politics. As long as they aren’t criticizing his looks, or anything else that’s personal, it’s fine. Criticize his policies, his past, what he has or hasn’t done. That’s OK. That’s how candidates are vetted. It’s why he wasn’t. Too many people were so afraid to raise any questions a normal candidate would have faced that to this day we still don’t know that much about his past.
It’s already ramping up again. I hope it doesn’t work though. Now he does have a verifiable record that can be examined. Pay no attention to the cries of racism from people like Jackson and Sharpton, who’ve made darn good livings at race baiting. Look at all the candidates. Ask questions, demand answers. And if they don’t answer to your satisfaction, ask yourself why? What are they hiding. Let the best person win. I really feel our country’s future depends on it.

The best picture of how devastating “progressive” policies have been to our economy can be seen by looking at the data starting in 2007—when Congress became controlled by Democrats. First, some perspective. GWB was handed a recession from Clinton but you never heard GWB blame Clinton for that recession. GWB was handed, thanks to Clinton and Gorelick, a ‘wall of separation’ that ultimately lead to the 9/11 attacks yet you never heard GWB blame anyone. Moving forward, Bush became a lame duck president in 2007. Use the ‘net to go back and look at the Office of Management and Budget’s figures for the fall of 2007 forward. It’s easy to see the economy started go to off the rails as a direct result of the increasingly hostile to business Democrat Congress. Smart business people at all levels paid attention to what was going on in DC with regard to regulations, mandates, new laws, fees, etc. and started cutting back on expenses. Since nothing happens in a vacuum, what they weren’t buying (or hiring) caused the slowdown to accelerate as other companies had to start cutting back. As soon as it became obvious in the fall of 2008 that Obama was going to be elected (October 2008) the economy really began to take a nosedive, where it has been going since January 2009 when Barack “ready to rule” Obama was sworn in.
Obama has steadily used Executive Orders, layers of beaurocracy and federal departments to push his agenda when he couldn’t even get a Congress controlled by his own party to do his bidding. He has repeatedly ‘gone it alone’ as he said he would, to push his socialist/Marxist agenda. Now he has effectively shut down a pipeline project that would not only have put people to work but would have given us a measure of energy independence. Seventy percent of people polled want that project to go through. Today it was revealed he is planning to use the EPA to shut down up to 32 coal power plants. We get most of our power from coal. What happens then? To quote Obama himself, ‘prices will necessarily skyrocket’. Who is that going to hurt the most? Everyone who has little disposable income to handle any increase in bills will suffer for this decision. It won’t hurt Obama and friends. He’s killing jobs left and right, ensuring the cost of living keeps going up, while coddling our enemies. If that is the idea of someone who is doing a great job for our country the DSM-IV probably has a category now.