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Well, at least finally we can move on. This is so much political bullshit it’s hard to know where to begin. Prosecutors always over-charge. That way they know the jury will consider lesser charges and manslaughter is probably the most likely. It was a strange presser to say the least. Corey was positively giddy with this announcement–like she was enjoying the publicity. What the fuck was it about this ‘praying with the family’ bullshit? Do your damn job and get on with it. Leave your feelings at the door.
This is a win-win for her right now. She’s a poltician and at some point will be up for re-election. My understanding is she’s taken some heat for her handling of cases involving minorities and isn’t popular. Is this a way to get back in the good graces of the minority community and win re-election? She charges Zimmerman with the max, tosses it to a jury and if they even go to acquit, she’s still off the hook. The Martins get their big pay day, which is what they wanted anyway, and the taxpayers get the shaft for the expense of this bullshit. Everyone wins…almost.
So now we know why this didn’t go to a grand jury. There would have been a no bill. Can’t let that happen. A mob would be ugly. So let’s cave to the mob. I have two words for Ms. Corey. Mike Nifong. And we know how that turned out.
I only wish some reporter would have had the balls to ask her if anyone in a law enforcement capacity was going to ever charge Mohammed with the NBPP for threatening a citizen?


I’ve read all I’m going to read about it. What’s going to happen at this point is just going to happen.
I will say this, thanks to the new media, the old media is having to backtrack on much of their early narrative. Who fed them that narrative is open to debate but it really appears that the Martin family, through their cadre of media savvy lawyers, have purposely obfuscated this story for the sole purpose of a payday. That sounds harsh but consider this…why would they push so hard for an arrest? If I had a child who I believed was murdered, I’d want not only an arrest but a conviction. But according to their lead spokestool/lawyer, that’s not important. What makes a mere arrest important? Apparently just that alone is enough to open the floodgates for a payday in the form of lawsuits. Interesting no? Further—if you information that would lead to an arrest wouldn’t you produce that? I’m talking about the alleged “DeeDee” phone call. I don’t think it exists. Why else would this woman not give a statement to authorities even with an attorney present? Why have her phone records been hidden? I’ll tell you why, there’s nothing there and she’d be open for perjury if she did speak. This has all been one horrible show. I hope it’s over soon and we can get back to paying attention to the real tragedy—the demise of our country at the ands of a thug president and his thug cabinet.

It just gets more interesting

Posted: March 30, 2012 in Crazy shit, racism

Why am I still following the Martin-Zimmerman case? Because it’s an interesting study in how crappy and biased our media is/are. It’s a great microcosm in to the barking moonbattery that is the professional race hustlers too. Take all that stuff and stir well. What you get is a false narrative that is going to get people hurt. There are layers to this onion that we don’t know yet but one thing has become more clear as the weeks have passed that what was rushed out there at the beginning by the professional race warlords isn’t matching what more witnesses have said.
Yeah…I know ABC release a video of George Zimmerman in cuffs at the PD and gleefully announced there were no signs of wounds. I guess those witnesses were hallucinating. We know he received some sort of medical attention. If the moonbats would remove the tinfoil hats they would understand that for any medical person to examine a wound, they must carefully clean that wound to see the extent of the damage. Isn’t that logical? You have to know what you’re dealing with right? Especially if someone presents with a head wound. Football players get concussions all the frick time and they’re wearing helmets! This guy had his head slammed on the ground/sidewalk. A person with the basic first responder training is going to take that seriously. That simple bit of logic doesn’t stop those who are unable to process information which doesn’t coincide with a narrative to which they are clinging like a drunk chick to a guy at closing time.
Now we’re hearing from the mom of the 13 year old boy who allegedly has given the best account of what happened that night. Oh…and a million-fold pox on ABC for releasing this kid’s info. He’s probably had to be withdrawn from school by now. It would seem, according to the mom, that the lead detective didn’t believe Zimmerman and tried to get the kid to change his story. That’s pretty damning if true. I found this interesting too. The detective had this person’s info and basic statement that night BUT…he waited a week to interview this person. Why? Hoping he could be swayed later? I don’t know much, I admit it, but I do think that the evidence leads the detective, not the other way around.
So much is hanging on the resolution of this case. People’s lives are being disrupted needlessly because the media the police, have mishandled this case. We can’t actually know what information the grand jury will see. I just hope the people involved have the ability to think critically which seems to be in very short supply these days.

Black History Month

Posted: February 12, 2012 in racism

When is this ridiculous BS going to die? It always seemed weird to me when I was in high school as to why there was a black history month. It seemed divisive. Instead of ‘we’re all Americans’, now we had special classes and groups being singled out for special consideration. If you’re white, you get the message you have no culture. You had to be a ‘color’ and white isn’t a color.
That was how the mind of a teenager in the late 70s thought of this sort of thing. So here we are 30+ years on and I think finally some people of color are starting to see how weird and divisive it is. There’s a conservative pundit who happens to be black who also has a great way of explaining things anyone can understand. See here.
Black history month is segregationist and needs to be abolished. I couldn’t have said it better myself. GO ZO!!!

Facebook is a fertile field of barking moonbats. And I’ll admit it is kinda fun getting them in a corner and poking them with a sharp stick. Some days it’s not worth the effort though. I know I’m not going to convince anyone who has bathed so often in the nutball bath that is liberalism that pretty much everything they’ve been told is wrong. Some people, your’s truly included, had to find things out the hard way.
It’s difficult for me to believe that after at least four years, well from 2007 to 2011, of progressive policies which have taken a country from limping on the side of the road to being hobo-rolled in the ditch, that we need four more of the same. How absolutely clue-impaired do you have to be to no understand that the country is NOT better off now than five years ago? Look at all the stats available from unbiased sources. Real unemployment is still in double digits (that 8.5 stuff released from the WH is complete BS). The average cost of a gallon of gas is a a historic sustained amount. The prices of food continues to rise in part because of the cost of fuel. All of these things and more mean people who are struggling will have less money in their pocket for even the basics. I’ve seen more homeless people lately than I’ve ever seen and that includes when I lived in a large southern city. Homeless people with dogs, which just rips my heart out. I’ve never given to homeless people before as I know many make pretty darn good money tax free standing on a street corner, but when I see someone and their pet, that’s different. Knowing they are not abandoning their buddy to a kill shelter is worth something to me and I will give them something if I have it. But I digress.
So I see this long screed on FB where everything from low tire pressure and anal seepage was attributable to GWB and had to jump in. I’m going to select here two choice points in the diatribe which show the liberal attack lines of wealth envy and racism are very effective with people who can’t think for themselves. One note too…I have no idea where this twerp got their info but that doesn’t really matter. Obama pulls stuff out of his ass all the time too.
“You didn’t get mad when we gave people who had more money than they could spend, the 1%, over a trillion dollars in tax breaks.” So…if someone ‘has more money than they can spend’ they should just hand it over to others? How Marxist. and so Obama. Listen, I’m unemployed right now. So by their logic, if they’re working I think it only ‘fair’ they send me every pay period 30% of their pre-tax pay. I’m betting if I said that the proggie’s head would explode. When it’s other people’s money, especially those defined as rich by whoever’s making the definition, it’s OK. But to someone who has no income, even minimum wage is something so there. Oh…and ‘more money than they can spend’? Really? Is there such a thing? If they want to ‘spend’ their surplus by putting it in to a retirement account, that’s their business. They earned it. Besides…whatever happened to ‘thou shall not covet’?
“You finally got mad when a black man was elected President and decided that people in America deserved the right to see a doctor if they are sick. Yes, illegal wars, lies, corruption, torture, job losses by the millions, stealing your tax dollars to make the rich richer, and the worst economic disaster since 1929 are all okay with you, but helping fellow Americans who are sick… ” Yeah…it’s all about raaaaaaacism. People have ALWAYS been able to see a doctor if they’re sick. NO ONE is turned away from ERs, etc…it’s the law. Right there. Don’t believe me…go to an ER and ask the triage nurse how many indigents (and illegals) use the ER as their primary care facility…which people paying taxes must support.
So there you have it. Wealth envy and racism. Those are going to be what the left will hammer on later this year. It’s all they’ve got. They can’t run on The One’s record. So they must deflect with emotionally-laden white rabbits. I have a feeling it’s all going to hit liberals one dayu like an anvil on Wiley Coyote. I’ll be first in line to say “I told you so”.

First off…most people using that word have no fricking idea what it really means. We saw it in the 2008 election cycle. Anyone who criticized Obama in any way got that label. It scared some people. It scared some media outlets. But that’s politics. As long as they aren’t criticizing his looks, or anything else that’s personal, it’s fine. Criticize his policies, his past, what he has or hasn’t done. That’s OK. That’s how candidates are vetted. It’s why he wasn’t. Too many people were so afraid to raise any questions a normal candidate would have faced that to this day we still don’t know that much about his past.
It’s already ramping up again. I hope it doesn’t work though. Now he does have a verifiable record that can be examined. Pay no attention to the cries of racism from people like Jackson and Sharpton, who’ve made darn good livings at race baiting. Look at all the candidates. Ask questions, demand answers. And if they don’t answer to your satisfaction, ask yourself why? What are they hiding. Let the best person win. I really feel our country’s future depends on it.