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The peacful religion

Posted: March 4, 2012 in Religion, Terrorism

Condemnation from obama in 3…2… oh nevermind. I’m telling anyone who will listen. You CAN NOT negotiate with these people. You CAN NOT appease these people. You CAN NOT live peacefully with these people. Islam is the most unholy, barbaric, intolerant, cult on this planet. Every day, almost hourly, we see stories like this. What is it going to take for western civilization to see that our way of thinking and theirs are two totally different and incompatible things. What?

The Georgetown slut story that is. For those late to the party as I was here’s the outline. Sometime early last week a women claiming to be a 23 year old law student at Georgetown testified in front of Congress that colleges should provide free birth control to students because it was too expensive. OH..Georgetown is a Catholic school or something so they didn’t provide this as part of the religious doctrine. This same student claimed that it would cost the average woman 3K over the law school years.
So Rush Limbaugh, a popular whipping boy of the left, goes on air and in his cheeky manner calls this woman a slut, prostitute, and says we as taxpayers should get something for our money like videos. He goes on to say that next government will be buying women cars with comfortable back seats. Rush is known for saying things that are outrageous and way over-the-top. When you listen to him saying stuff as opposed to having some MSM idiot re-tell it you understand that it is in jest. Context and intent is important and lost when something is printed.
So what does the media and left do? They go all apeshit crazy. How could he say such things about a poor college student? Well…for one if you’re going to Georgetown law school, you probably aren’t ‘poor’. Two…there is no way on God’s green earth BC costs what this woman said. Do the math…she’s have to be banging someone many times a week to run up that kind of tab. And wasn’t a saint in my younger days, I didn’t advertise when I was single how many guys I was with because that would have made me a SLUT. One more thing too…wasn’t the point of the women’s movement that we could take care of our bodies ourselves? Why is this woman demanding government take care of her needs. Condoms are cheap and abstinence costs nothing.
So the real issue still is government mandates that religious entities provide a something that goes against their basic teaching. The left and MSM try to obfuscate the issue with this “Limbaugh picks on student” meme. Bullshit. Focus people!!!
One last thing too…now we find out this “23 year old law student” is really a 30 year old women’s activist who chose to go to Georgetown law specifically because their insurance didn’t cover contraception. She’s not only a slut, but a liar. Case closed.

Of course I’ve said this before. Many times. Again though we have more evidence that this president is trying to not only cripple the US from within (economically) but also make us a weak laughingstock throughout the world, particularly the muslim world. Gateway Pundit reports here of an official report that NATO is going to put our soldiers on trial for buring korans in Afghanistan. Does anyone think this doesn’t have the bobblehead nodding approval of The One?
Nevermind that these korans were being used to smuggle information friendly to our enemies. They then became tools of war and as such deserved to be confiscated and destroyed. Nevermind that in all this outrage of allegedly desecrated korans many were recently discovered in a Pakistani sewer. Seems the muslims were out of toilet paper and were wiping their behinds with the pages. Where’s the blood running in the streets there?
Oh forget it. Only when the outrage can be stoked against the west does desecrating korans become an issue. Personally I think it’s much better to destroy a ‘holy book’ by fire than to shit on it but that’s just me I guess.
The streets of Mayberry didn’t run red with blood when Bibles were burned a couple of years ago. No Afghani officials were shot in the head at point blank range. Nada. The muslims continue to show they will use any pretext to riot and demand concessions from the West. Which our current president and his cabal of hand-wringing worms are more than happy to do.
Folks…there is a coming war. It will be a war for western culture and values vs. the dark age death cult. Our ersatz leaders either don’t understand this or are complicit in our slide toward it as their constant bending over shows. Rep. Allen West said it best here.

I wonder this myself

Posted: February 26, 2012 in Religion, Terrorism

I often ask myself why anyone would be supportive of the dark ages cult of Islam. Yeah yeah yeah I KNOW there are allegedly peaceful muslims all over the place. That’s what we’re told every time someone blows up a church (Egypt), beheads a young girl for refusing to marry an old man (Somalia), let’s a school full of girls burn to death because it wouldn’t be decent for fire crews to see them in their nightgowns (Saudi Arabia), and so on. Those are aberrations right? Wrong. These things and much more have happened, do happen, and continue to happen all over the world wherever islam is practiced. So no…I don’t think these actions are aberrations.
Furthermore, as a woman, I can’t for the life of me understand why any woman would be supportive of islam and muslims. Right now the left, and women in particular, are marching lockstep against various church leaders who are challenging The One’s edict that religious organizations provide birth control even when it goes against their religious doctrine. Instead of religion controlling government like the fear, government is trying to control religion.
I’d like to take those same women and ask them what do they think will happen if sharia law becomes the law of the land? Their constant fearmongering about conservatives wishing to turn back the clock (we don’t) will become a reality under a muslim dream world. It’s already the rule in islamic countries. However, conservatives and Christian groups just want to be left alone to abide by their doctrine. That’s a far cry from a theocracy which is what islam demands.
Giacomo at Godfather Politics has a good article for the liberal women in your life who vote for Democrats…and why they should not. It’s worth the read. Or better yet, print it and leave it on a liberal female friend’s desk, nightstand, car, whatever. This subject is going to come up and gain more prominence as muslims in this country push for the implementation of sharia law, sharia finance, and so on. If these women aren’t better informed, they will be as sheep going to slaughter, as will their daughters. To paraphrase a muslim saying, when your weak, be nice. When strong, be brutal. Don’t think for one moment they aren’t doing that right now.

The war against Christianity

Posted: February 20, 2012 in liberals, Religion

I’m a Christian. I know people who aren’t and one good friend is an athiest. Here’s the thing about most average Christians. We believe people have the free will to come to their own truths with the understanding they accept the consequences, good or bad, for that decision. There are sects who try to hammer you over the head to convert but for the most part, they are a minority. Unfortunately it’s that minority which gets the most attention and liberals seize upon as proof that Christians are Bible-thumping zealots.
Those same liberals ignore the actual and widespread instructions and admonishments of imams to convert, enslave, or kill those who choose to not believe in Mohammed. I don’t get it but there it is. No other religion or belief system other than islam makes these sorts of demands and is responsible for so much violence and suffering in the name of their religion throughout the world. Given that the current liberal-supported lifestyle is the most reprehensible to Mohammedans it just seems super strange they would be so ignorant and supportive of Islam over other tolerant religions like Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, etc.
I guess when you are the religion with the most membership worldwide right now, then that’s the one which must be constantly attacked.. That’s the only logic. Several stories popped up this weekend that illustrate what I mean. In Washington DC, our nation’s capital and seat of our representative democracy, a group of religious leaders unhappy with Obama’s demands on contraception held a peaceful protest in front of the White House. They were arrested.
This weekend also saw the report of a Catholic school in Louisiana becoming the victim of arson. Why? I’m sure we’ll never know. This won’t even make the evening news. If it were a mosque however, the streets would be running with blood in the Middle East and every worthless politician concerned only with making brownie points and getting some facetime would be calling for investigations and prosecutions to the highest level.
It’s past time for people everywhere to get some common sense and stop being baited by those why cry ‘islamophobia’ at every perceived slight while ignoring actual crimes and attacks. We’re a nation based on Judeo-Christian values. Our Founding Fathers went out of their way to ensure there would be a place for other religions separate from secular life, but they recognized the importance over and over of those same Judeo-Christian values in the course of human affairs. Adherents to islam and proggies need to get over that and realize that we will never allow them to take this country over and turn it in to a backwards, third world cesspool like so many Middle Eastern countries. You know that ones…where women aren’t permitted to drive and have to wear ridiculous outfits covering their whole bodies while the men just do what the hell they want. Where women and children are nothing more than property to be disposed of as the males in the family see fit. Where homosexuals are routinely executed and anyone who doesn’t follow a strictly proscribed lifestyle can be censured or worse. I’m absolutely sick of these constant attacks from the leftists in this country against Christianity. They’d better take a good look at the group they are sucking up to…because they will be the first ones eliminated if islamists ever do control any portion of this country beyond Dearborn, Michigan. Just ask the last remaining Christians there.

Where is it? If this were reversed…like in Bosnia or Somalia during the Clinton administration, does anyone doubt there’d already be boots on the ground? We defend muslims with our mostly Christian blood when they’re attacked by Christians in foreign countries, but our leaders don’t dare lift a finger to help Christians when they’re horribly abused in the Sudan, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, or Egypt. Am I the only one who’s noticing this obvious double standard in how our US government treats groups identified as Christians when it comes to persecutions overseas? Enough already! Either we just get the hell out of all these countries and let the savages just take over or we get some coherent policy related to defending the defenseless. OH…and does anyone doubt that if we had a president who was at least perceived as a little less of a pansy that this shit would be going on? No…I didn’t think so.

This link popped in to Facebook this am.
This is a strange article. It would seem its point is to make these founding father’s out to be anti-Christian. Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s just weird to see the mental contortions current writers put themselves through to view people who lived 250 years ago through a 21st century lens. All those mentioned strongly believed in religious freedom and as such did not think it appropriate or proper to discuss religion in social circles. There were strict codes of behavior and it would have been unusual for men raised in such a code to pontificate openly on religion.

To try to make the case that their public silence is evidence of their religious skepticism or even disdain for Christianity is wrong. These men were very liberal and forward thinking for their time. In its historical context it was an Enlightenment. But using the descriptive term ‘liberal’ for that period of history means something completely different than it does now. When viewed properly, through the context of their time, their lives weren’t far removed from the reason many came to this continent starting in the 1600s. They are more accurately labeled Deists by today’s standards. However, all listed left copious amounts of personal writings where they affirmed their belief in G-d, a Creator, and so on. Any issues that popped up were similar to what we face today as to the nuts and bolts, but not to the basics.
The greater danger we face today is not roving bands of fundamentalists, but organizations such as CAIR and imams across the country, whose leaders have said repeatedly and in public arenas that our Constitution, written by Jefferson, should be supplanted by Islam. Perhaps Mr. Boston of Americans United for Separation of Church and State would favor us with a screed on that subject just to be fair?