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I understand how things like this get started. No one wants a society where someone is denied a job simply because they’re disabled. For instance, if the job requirements are such that being a paraplegic isn’t a big deal, like a desk job, then that person should be judged on their qualifications.
The downside is anyone with a disability can use the verbage int he ADA to force employers to hire them. Even when they can’t really do the job. Or shouldn’t do the job. A drunk school bus driver hit some little girls in Colorado. If this was a one-off thing and this man just lost his mind, well…it happens. But this guy has a history of being a drunk driver and has been in therapy. This information was known by the school system when they hired him. They apparently had to hire him because of the ADA, and three girls got hit. Thankfully, they’re OK.
Come on though. With everything under the sun being considered a disability these days instead of a human failure or stupidity, when is common sense going to re-enter the picture? Recently in Georgia there was a ruling where someone with epilepsy couldn’t be denied a job driving heavy machinery for a power company (I think). Really? Someone relies on pills to control seizures yet the law dictates they be allowed to drive heavy machinery? Sometimes the meds don’t work. That’s a fact. What happens if that person driving a crane has a seizure and the crane crashes? What if there are deaths, not to mention the destruction of multi-million dollar equipment? Where is the common sense?
There is none. In a society where the least capable can be passed from grade to grade without mastering the basics because we don’t want hurt feelings, where the most aberrant behavior is applauded by the literati and glitterait, where even basic, decent behavior is an anomaly, we can’t expect the laws on the books to be narrowly applied. They must be twisted and used to excuse and allow all sorts of things. And innocents everywhere pay the price.