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Well, at least finally we can move on. This is so much political bullshit it’s hard to know where to begin. Prosecutors always over-charge. That way they know the jury will consider lesser charges and manslaughter is probably the most likely. It was a strange presser to say the least. Corey was positively giddy with this announcement–like she was enjoying the publicity. What the fuck was it about this ‘praying with the family’ bullshit? Do your damn job and get on with it. Leave your feelings at the door.
This is a win-win for her right now. She’s a poltician and at some point will be up for re-election. My understanding is she’s taken some heat for her handling of cases involving minorities and isn’t popular. Is this a way to get back in the good graces of the minority community and win re-election? She charges Zimmerman with the max, tosses it to a jury and if they even go to acquit, she’s still off the hook. The Martins get their big pay day, which is what they wanted anyway, and the taxpayers get the shaft for the expense of this bullshit. Everyone wins…almost.
So now we know why this didn’t go to a grand jury. There would have been a no bill. Can’t let that happen. A mob would be ugly. So let’s cave to the mob. I have two words for Ms. Corey. Mike Nifong. And we know how that turned out.
I only wish some reporter would have had the balls to ask her if anyone in a law enforcement capacity was going to ever charge Mohammed with the NBPP for threatening a citizen?


Well here’s a shock

Posted: March 22, 2012 in Terrorism

He’s a muslim, from Algeria, and a member of AQ.First reports out of France on the gunman who killed some Jewish kids and a father was that he was a Neo-Nazi. Guess not. He’s a muslim, from Algeria, and a member of AQ. Big fricking shock. Another day, another guy named Mohammed exercising the marching orders of his sick and demented prophet by going out and killing innocent people. What’s worse is he was handed to the US military in Afghanistan who promptly put the barbarian on a flight to France. Yet another example of how turning these scum loose on the world doesn’t work.
The almost funny thing about this story is he’s holed up with an Uzi…isn’t that an Israeli made weapon? Da Joooooos!

An update

Posted: March 16, 2012 in Obama, Terrorism

One would think our morons in government, especially in the WH, don’t give a rat’s ass about facts before seeing how high they can jump and how far to appease the barbaric death cult in Afghanistan. Not only were the Korans being used as weapons of war in violation of islamic cultural practices, but they were defaced by Afghans in custody prior to their seizure and subsequent destructions by US troops. I had seen something earlier last week but was distracted by other shiny subjects and kinda forgot about it. I found this cached article and you should read it in order to understand why this is just more manufactured outrage by the Religion of Perpetual Outrage and fueled by our kowtowing Wussy-in-Chief.
I need to also mention that according to an imam in Falls Church, Va…the proper way to dispose of Korans is by burning. The only thing the soldiers did wrong was not have a separate fire for the korans. Holy shit ! That’s it? For that people have died, property has been destroyed, and our president has apologized numerous times? Are you bloody kidding me? The more you find out about this story the more teeth-grindingly ridiculous it becomes.

I have long said if we’re not going to do what is necessary to ensure our country’s survival, we should bring all our troops home to secure our borders, let these festering cesspools of 7th century barbarism have at it with each other, which they will, and simply take care of ourselves. No country can whine on one had that the US should help them and not expect some quid pro quo. We give and give and give and aren’t allowed to expect something for the millions of dollars pumped in to these third world shitholes. I do agree with Dr. Loopy McNutbags, aka Ron Paul, on that score. We aren’t going to win hearts and minds with a bunch of people that don’t get along with each other, much less anyone who doesn’t believe as they do and will use any pretext to attack and spread terror. One need only look at things around the world daily to see I’m right.

An excellent website/blog

Posted: March 12, 2012 in Terrorism

Want to know what’s going on with the attempted islamic takeover of the world? This will be one of the go-to sites IMO. Whoever is behind this does an excellent job of highlighting the problems and providing tons of links and videos which show how barbaric and insidious the adherents to islam are. Highly recommend this site if you want to stay informed as to what is happening overseas and its implications for the US if CAIR gets its way.

The peacful religion

Posted: March 4, 2012 in Religion, Terrorism

Condemnation from obama in 3…2… oh nevermind. I’m telling anyone who will listen. You CAN NOT negotiate with these people. You CAN NOT appease these people. You CAN NOT live peacefully with these people. Islam is the most unholy, barbaric, intolerant, cult on this planet. Every day, almost hourly, we see stories like this. What is it going to take for western civilization to see that our way of thinking and theirs are two totally different and incompatible things. What?

Of course I’ve said this before. Many times. Again though we have more evidence that this president is trying to not only cripple the US from within (economically) but also make us a weak laughingstock throughout the world, particularly the muslim world. Gateway Pundit reports here of an official report that NATO is going to put our soldiers on trial for buring korans in Afghanistan. Does anyone think this doesn’t have the bobblehead nodding approval of The One?
Nevermind that these korans were being used to smuggle information friendly to our enemies. They then became tools of war and as such deserved to be confiscated and destroyed. Nevermind that in all this outrage of allegedly desecrated korans many were recently discovered in a Pakistani sewer. Seems the muslims were out of toilet paper and were wiping their behinds with the pages. Where’s the blood running in the streets there?
Oh forget it. Only when the outrage can be stoked against the west does desecrating korans become an issue. Personally I think it’s much better to destroy a ‘holy book’ by fire than to shit on it but that’s just me I guess.
The streets of Mayberry didn’t run red with blood when Bibles were burned a couple of years ago. No Afghani officials were shot in the head at point blank range. Nada. The muslims continue to show they will use any pretext to riot and demand concessions from the West. Which our current president and his cabal of hand-wringing worms are more than happy to do.
Folks…there is a coming war. It will be a war for western culture and values vs. the dark age death cult. Our ersatz leaders either don’t understand this or are complicit in our slide toward it as their constant bending over shows. Rep. Allen West said it best here.

I wonder this myself

Posted: February 26, 2012 in Religion, Terrorism

I often ask myself why anyone would be supportive of the dark ages cult of Islam. Yeah yeah yeah I KNOW there are allegedly peaceful muslims all over the place. That’s what we’re told every time someone blows up a church (Egypt), beheads a young girl for refusing to marry an old man (Somalia), let’s a school full of girls burn to death because it wouldn’t be decent for fire crews to see them in their nightgowns (Saudi Arabia), and so on. Those are aberrations right? Wrong. These things and much more have happened, do happen, and continue to happen all over the world wherever islam is practiced. So no…I don’t think these actions are aberrations.
Furthermore, as a woman, I can’t for the life of me understand why any woman would be supportive of islam and muslims. Right now the left, and women in particular, are marching lockstep against various church leaders who are challenging The One’s edict that religious organizations provide birth control even when it goes against their religious doctrine. Instead of religion controlling government like the fear, government is trying to control religion.
I’d like to take those same women and ask them what do they think will happen if sharia law becomes the law of the land? Their constant fearmongering about conservatives wishing to turn back the clock (we don’t) will become a reality under a muslim dream world. It’s already the rule in islamic countries. However, conservatives and Christian groups just want to be left alone to abide by their doctrine. That’s a far cry from a theocracy which is what islam demands.
Giacomo at Godfather Politics has a good article for the liberal women in your life who vote for Democrats…and why they should not. It’s worth the read. Or better yet, print it and leave it on a liberal female friend’s desk, nightstand, car, whatever. This subject is going to come up and gain more prominence as muslims in this country push for the implementation of sharia law, sharia finance, and so on. If these women aren’t better informed, they will be as sheep going to slaughter, as will their daughters. To paraphrase a muslim saying, when your weak, be nice. When strong, be brutal. Don’t think for one moment they aren’t doing that right now.