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Unions on the decline

Posted: February 4, 2012 in politics, Terrorism

Love this sign. Probably a teacher’s union idiot.Well…this is a feel-good story. While it’s arguable whether unions were actually ever needed because I’ve read some good stuff pro and con, it’s a fact that they are of no use today. Unions today exist for one reason only: to extort money from members for politics and power. I know. I used to have to be a member of a union in a right-to-work state. Yep…you read that right. I never saw any benefit out of my union membership either. I am positive I would have been paid the same without union interference too based on my education and experience. What I did see was how unions reward the mediocre and lazy workers. I also saw how $600 a year of my money was going to pay for politicial causes I wouldn’t support and for the huge salaries and perks of union leadership.
Perhaps that’s why union membership is declining. As some additional states work implement right-to-work laws, those who were forced to be members are opting out. $600 doesn’t sound like much until the government trots out some stimulus check for $300 and the media treats that like it’s a huge sum.
I hope the trend continues but with a warning. As the membership declines, look for more protests and violence from pro-union thugs. Babies don’t like having their candy taken away from them. Ultimately it’ll be the best thing to happen as more people will see how depraved and thuggish unionistas can be and what a sap on productivity they are. I await with baited breath to see if the promised union shutdown of the Super Bowl happens. If it does, it’s gonna piss off a lot of people and drive the point home that this isn’t about workers rights at all. Pass the popcorn.


Where is it? If this were reversed…like in Bosnia or Somalia during the Clinton administration, does anyone doubt there’d already be boots on the ground? We defend muslims with our mostly Christian blood when they’re attacked by Christians in foreign countries, but our leaders don’t dare lift a finger to help Christians when they’re horribly abused in the Sudan, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, or Egypt. Am I the only one who’s noticing this obvious double standard in how our US government treats groups identified as Christians when it comes to persecutions overseas? Enough already! Either we just get the hell out of all these countries and let the savages just take over or we get some coherent policy related to defending the defenseless. OH…and does anyone doubt that if we had a president who was at least perceived as a little less of a pansy that this shit would be going on? No…I didn’t think so.

Does anyone out there still think the Arab spring in Egypt was a good thing, besides Jimmy ‘used to be the worst president in US history’ Carter? Not only are the radicals taking over and essentially shutting down that country to any progress, but they’re killing Christians by the hundreds, and now under the pretext of preventing H1N1, are slaughtering pigs in the most inhumane way imaginable. If you have the stomach, here are a few links.
From CIWF and Bare Naked Islam.
So…while the handwringers on the left wail and moan about some Marines pissing on a dead terrorist while conveniently forgetting how our soldiers and civilians have been brutally slaughtered, their bodies defiled in a manner beyond comprehension, this will be another story that goes down the memory hole for liberals and especially PETA. We dare not call them barbarians. We must cuddle with them. Bullshit.

This is interesting. McDonalds has announced itself as the marquee sponsor of La Raza’s convention this year. La Raza is a bigoted, racist organization. No…they don’t say that but that’s who they are. Anyway, here’s a website where you can go and sign a petition and info on boycotting McDonalds. Do it. Do it today. These morons need to understand that we just aren’t going to take it anymore. 80% of us want our immigration laws enforced. La Raza promotes the takeover of the southwestern US for ‘the Race’. And they ain’t talking 10K.
Also note Loews Vanderbilt Hotel in Nashville has cancelled a conference on Jihad in the US, Asia, and Europe. Why? They claim it’s for safety reasons. Yeah…right. All the FBI, state police, military, Homeland Security, etc and they can’t have a conference to discuss this very important matter? Again, write, email, or call the hotels managing director Tom Negri or either of these two:
Ms. Goldfischer can be reached at the following phone number and email address in New York:

Phone: (212) 521-2833
Fax: (212) 521-2379

If Ms. Goldfischer is unreachable (which may be the case if enough of you take action!!) contact Ellen Gale, Vice President of Public Relations for the Loews Nashville Regional office at her contact information below.

Ellen Gale
Phone: (202) 587-2686

I did and while I don’t expect to hear anything, I hope they receive enough email to crash their systems. This is a boneheaded move on their part. Information is the most vital weapon citizens can use to combat the current methods used by those that seek to destroy our way of life. Freedom of speech and the freedom to assemble peaceably is, at least for the time being, the most cherished of our freedoms as American citizens. It is unconscionable that any company would turn their back on such a right by caving in to the demands of what the media constantly tells us is a small minority. If a company like Loews can be manipulated to placate a few people while denying others the rights mentioned above, then the Constitution will inevitably become meaningless and we all will be held hostage to Islamic Jihad. It’s all about precedents.

It’s almost mind-boggling the daily news. I hardly believe the info hitting the net on a regular basis of how that piece of complete asshattery in the WH is destroying this country. Everything he’s doing is designed to weaken the US. Remember the soldier/private insurance kerfluffle? Don’t think that that wasn’t designed to make anyone reconsider their decision to join the military. One of the reasons for joining is the idea the government will take care of you in return for your service. Remove that and….
CIA leaks? Posts showing the location of nuclear/military testing? All designed to demoralize those that protect us and are charged with developing ways to protect us. Who’d want to get involved in any organization if they cannot operate with some degree of cover?
Then he trots off to the ME to pander to the terrorists after telling his justice officials to petition the SC for immunity to be granted to some Saudis that ample evidence shows were complicit in the 9/11 attacks.
It IS difficult to believe. But all of it is true and have been on the news wires in the last week. I know I’m frustrated and angry. And wondering where the fuck the damn Republicans are. They should be taking to the airwaves to state the case that this is bullshit but the damn wussies are scared and silent. Every damn freaking one of them needs to be tossed out on their asses in 2010 or it’s toast for this once great nation. I’m doing my best to work for someone who is running against a RINO for Senate. What are YOU doing?

The movie “I Want You” was on last week. It was about the draft during the Korean War and how that affects a small town. Anyway, while I was puttering around a statement by one of the characters made me stop dead, rewind the DVR, and record it. The two men were discussing one of them’s upcoming deployment to Germany to build airstrips.
I quote here:

Do you know if it’ll do any good Harvey?
Harvey (Backus character): Who knows, I hope so. But if they know we have planes all over the world ready to hit them at a moments notice, they’ll think twice, or three times, or a dozen times before hitting us. Maybe they’ll never do it. And I know we won’t start anything. It isn’t peace exactly. I don’t know what you would call it. But whatever it is I must say I prefer it to war.

This was in the early 50s. The screenwriters got it. The public got it. Many of us get it now.
See liberals and dumbocraps don’t get it. No nation has ever been attacked for being strong. It’s the weakness of a target country that compels rogue nations and groups to attack. Odumbass and his followers ARE weakening this nation. It is only a matter of time before we get hit again on our soil. One doesn’t have to have any special abilities to know this. When the stated purpose of groups like Al Queda, islamaah al jambalaya or whateverthehell they call themselves is to take over western civilization, those western countries cannot be weak.
My question is this: If and when it does happen, can we hold those in power personally responsible for the deaths of our loved ones? We should because their actions make them culpable to any death and destruction the enemies of this country inflict.

Nevermind that they want to shut down talk radio because those pundits dare voice opinions different from them. Nevermind that anyone who dares voice an opinion contrary to theirs is labeled ignorant and oftentimes browbeaten in to silence. Let some elected officials dare to introduce legislation to control the transmission of hateful islamoturd rhetoric and the howls will be heard to Jupiter. That’s an restriction on freedom of speech isn’t it? This bill will go no where. No liberal worth his granola will support it.