When does he ever tell the truth?

Posted: March 20, 2012 in Economy, Obama

Really? It is so tiresome tracking all the bullshit that emanates from that assholes mouth but I’m grateful there are those willing to put the time in to fact-check him. CFP is a great source of information you’re not likely to see in the US LSM. I don’t mosey over there half as much as I should but did today and found this article that succinctly takes some of the more recent fabrications and delusions apart. I especially like this line “Barack Obama knows that you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. He understands that he only needs to fool enough to be reelected.”


Lots of weekend news dumps

Posted: March 19, 2012 in Obama, politics

As usual, the WH picks the weekends and a holiday one at that to makes some document dumps and do some things that seem a bit hinky. First off they released some documents related to Solyndra…you know that big taxpayer funded boondoggle spearheaded by some FoOs that has gotten a little attention in the LSM (when it should be getting a whole lot more).
Then there’s the Obama administration attack on Catholicism per their demands that they provide contraception. More on that here.
Then there’s this. Now some conservative blogs are saying this is nothing. Just a continuation of previous administrations. I say Nay Nay. If it was just business as usual then why do it on a weekend? Doesn’t he have fundraisers to attend? Oh wait…that’s all the friggin’ time. I’m suspicious given Emperor Ogabe’s track record for hiding shit, lying about shit, and just being an all around commie muslim shithead. We’ll see what happens soon enough no doubt.

Next holiday up…

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Yeah..like we thought…he’s lying about the healthcare costs. So what else is new right?
This video “Why Obama's stimulus failed” will enlighten you even more on how The One’s stimulus could never have worked and gives a bit of an idea how much money was flushed by this administration on this one thing alone.

An update

Posted: March 16, 2012 in Obama, Terrorism

One would think our morons in government, especially in the WH, don’t give a rat’s ass about facts before seeing how high they can jump and how far to appease the barbaric death cult in Afghanistan. Not only were the Korans being used as weapons of war in violation of islamic cultural practices, but they were defaced by Afghans in custody prior to their seizure and subsequent destructions by US troops. I had seen something earlier last week but was distracted by other shiny subjects and kinda forgot about it. I found this cached article and you should read it in order to understand why this is just more manufactured outrage by the Religion of Perpetual Outrage and fueled by our kowtowing Wussy-in-Chief.
I need to also mention that according to an imam in Falls Church, Va…the proper way to dispose of Korans is by burning. The only thing the soldiers did wrong was not have a separate fire for the korans. Holy shit ! That’s it? For that people have died, property has been destroyed, and our president has apologized numerous times? Are you bloody kidding me? The more you find out about this story the more teeth-grindingly ridiculous it becomes.

I have long said if we’re not going to do what is necessary to ensure our country’s survival, we should bring all our troops home to secure our borders, let these festering cesspools of 7th century barbarism have at it with each other, which they will, and simply take care of ourselves. No country can whine on one had that the US should help them and not expect some quid pro quo. We give and give and give and aren’t allowed to expect something for the millions of dollars pumped in to these third world shitholes. I do agree with Dr. Loopy McNutbags, aka Ron Paul, on that score. We aren’t going to win hearts and minds with a bunch of people that don’t get along with each other, much less anyone who doesn’t believe as they do and will use any pretext to attack and spread terror. One need only look at things around the world daily to see I’m right.

My idea of hell

Posted: March 15, 2012 in Crazy shit

I’ve been on flights with whiney kids. And crying babies. And loud teenagers. One time I was grateful that I was sitting in the rear where the engines were the brats further up were so bad. This story is interesting because finally a crew kicks a family off for their unruly brats. Naturally the clueless parents run to the morning shows to whine (just like their kids) and complain about the company not being nice. Screw them. See how the little darlings can’t behave for this short segment.
This flight would have been hell for everyone around them and that wouldn’t have been right to the other passengers.

Liberal media dementia

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