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You do understand that not only is this guy a serious tax cheater, but he’s also responsible for TARP which is a horrendous mistake. How many more crooks will Obummer have on his cabinet? Just par for the course since he himself is a product of the corrupt Chicago political machine. Perfect.
Here’s an update to a blog entry last week about the rise in gun ownership. According to this article, even though crime is down, more people are taking self-defense classes and buying guns. Perhaps people are thinking ahead for a change. Numbers have to be analyzed and crunched so it could take a year before there is a change in crime rates. So it’s good people are taking charge of their lives and safety instead of waiting for government to do it. Of course, since this is the AJC I couldn’t help noticing the liberal slant on this trend, exemplified here:

Gun ownership has become a hot topic on message boards and social networking sites dedicated to intown crime concerns. And some of the remarks following the Jan. 15 fatal shooting of a robbery suspect by his intended victim outside an East Atlanta bar illustrated an undercurrent of vigilantism. *emphasis mine*

Um no assholes, it’s not vigilantism if you are protecting yourself, someone else, or your property. It’s called self-defense. What a bunch of dumb twits.

Speaking of crime….take a look at what followers of the Religion of Peace have done to a neighborhood in Sweden. Ask yourself if you really think these assholes can ever get along with anyone else. That would be a no. And that ignorant or dangerous boob in the White House thinks he can talk to these thugs? Let’s see how that works for us all. OH…and this is just too good to pass up. Remember how everything GWB did or said that looked stupid, even if it was something the rest of us as human beings have do every day, was blown up as proof that he was dumb? Well, seems The Messiah almost mistook a window for a door at the White House. I’d say by the precedent set during the last administration this would make him an embarrassment and a dumbass. HA.

That’s it for me today, I have had a ton of things to do and now it’s volunteer work time. If I’ve done my job correctly there’ll be a few bedwetters that’ll have their crying towels out over this post.