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It has begun. Obama is using the EPA to close six coal plants. Here is the video of him way back when talking about rising prices.
Yesterday (on a weekend of course) this news story came out. Ok…I’d like to ask each and every one of those people losing their jobs if they voted for this assclown. Then I’d like to ask all these people who will see their heating bills rise, or their AC bills go up if they voted for this assclown. In both cases all of those affected will have less money to spend on their own bills, to say nothing of disposable income and I could care less but there are many who will be hurt who didn’t buy the hopenchange line.
We get most of our energy needs met in this country from coal plants. Coal, because of restrictions and mandates, is one of the cleanest burning energy sources around these days despite what the article states, so why did Obama promise to close plants back in 2008 and why is he doing it now? Part of this is easy. First…it’s a promise he made to the global warmists. Obama has many masters. They are just another one that he must do something to placate because it’s an election year. Second, if he is able to use another layer of government to create more problems and make more people dependent on government, then it’s a win-win. I’m pretty sure there’s more to this like who else is going to benefit. Soros and Buffett are benefitting from the delay in Keystone so it’s a logical conclusion.
I guarantee Obama people will see those losing their jobs and be ok with it. These are nameless people, something happening miles away from the comfort of their own living rooms. They’ll only be concerned when the effects of these decisions affects them personally, and that could be months down the road, perhaps when we hopefully have a new president with some stones. By then, most will have forgotten and the media will not point out the cause so it’ll be easy to blame on Congress, Republican obstructionism, a new administration or something along those lines. I know I will remember. And I remember this also: elections have consequences. This Marxist troll has got to go.