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This link popped in to Facebook this am.
This is a strange article. It would seem its point is to make these founding father’s out to be anti-Christian. Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s just weird to see the mental contortions current writers put themselves through to view people who lived 250 years ago through a 21st century lens. All those mentioned strongly believed in religious freedom and as such did not think it appropriate or proper to discuss religion in social circles. There were strict codes of behavior and it would have been unusual for men raised in such a code to pontificate openly on religion.

To try to make the case that their public silence is evidence of their religious skepticism or even disdain for Christianity is wrong. These men were very liberal and forward thinking for their time. In its historical context it was an Enlightenment. But using the descriptive term ‘liberal’ for that period of history means something completely different than it does now. When viewed properly, through the context of their time, their lives weren’t far removed from the reason many came to this continent starting in the 1600s. They are more accurately labeled Deists by today’s standards. However, all listed left copious amounts of personal writings where they affirmed their belief in G-d, a Creator, and so on. Any issues that popped up were similar to what we face today as to the nuts and bolts, but not to the basics.
The greater danger we face today is not roving bands of fundamentalists, but organizations such as CAIR and imams across the country, whose leaders have said repeatedly and in public arenas that our Constitution, written by Jefferson, should be supplanted by Islam. Perhaps Mr. Boston of Americans United for Separation of Church and State would favor us with a screed on that subject just to be fair?