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Whenever there’s a tragic death of a child by a gun in someone’s home, that’s sad. Almost without exception it is the fault of the parents for not securing the gun in the first place. Many in the media don’t want to pile on the guilt of the parents by saying this and I can certainly understand but it needs to be said. If you have guns in your house AND you’re a responsible gun owner, you will put them where only an adult can access them in times of emergency. All the kids in the house need to understand that ONLY the adults handle them until such time the kids can be deemed responsible enough to handle them. It’s that simple.
So media outlets constantly report on tragedy’s like the above because being leftists, they want strict gun control laws. By their reasoning, we should most likely outlaw cars too because handling them irresponsibly can lead to the death of innocents. It’s a flawed argument. They rarely report on stories such as these. They do happen though and a lot more than most people think. Many states now have something called the ‘castle doctrine’ which allows the homeowner to use whatever force is necessary to not only defend themselves but their property. So if someone breaks in to your house, whether or not you see a weapon, you can assume they are there to do you harm, your family, or your property and if they don’t leave when demanded, you can shoot them. When places pass laws like that, crime rates often if not always go down. Why? Because criminals like easy pickings and if they don’t know someone is packing, they’ll move on.
Be careful though. Some states do not have this law. In those areas you must make a ‘reasonable attempt’ to flee. Yeah…just give ’em the keys to the house, car, jewelry, or let them harm your relatives. Just don’t fight back or you’ll be the one on the hotseat. Total BS. As the saying goes, I’d rather be tried by twelve than carried by six. So happy I live in a state that hasn’t lost its mind…yet.