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I can’t blame him really. It’s like this. From time to time I encounter a liberal. Most of the time it happens online. The good thing about that is if you don’t know the person it’s easier to point out why their liberal beliefs are wrong but it feels weird if you know them personally. There’s so much wrong with this administration, Congress, including the Republican enablers of our downward spiral toward socialism that I can’t be silent any more. That’s where the nutty part comes in. I get angry at how blind some people still are with regard to Obama, his constant lying, pandering, stomping on the Constitution, and so on. So I stress out over the BS on Facebook and become obsessed with trying to give the other side and prove my point.
I was taught to not discuss religion and politics. That’s my comfort zone. Look where it’s gotten us though. While most people were just going about their business and not thinking too much about politics except during an election year, an unholy cabal of socialists, Marxists, and anarchists were using Alinsky’s ruls and Cloward-Piven to push their agenda, and they’ve been hugely successfull. To the point of electing one of their own to the highest office in the land by selling him as some sort of messiah and pied piper of all things good. So I must keep hammering away at the abject stupidity of even people I know.
I just wish people would think about things a little beyond what is said on the LSM or coming out of the WH but they don’t. When I was in college I remember a professor (probably a liberal but at least during that time they hid it) who had a sign on her door that said “Question authority”. Liberals don’t. Or at least they only question one side. Look for many sources of information, not the same old same old. Then draw conclusions.
I’m sure I’m not going to actually convince anyone with long-held progressive/commie/socialist beliefs that almost everything they’ve gulped down over the years is wrong. But I do hope there may be that rare individual in whom I can plant a seed of doubt in the Democrat party line. That maybe they’ll start to question, do some research, read a good book on economics, and realize that they’ve been lied to and manipulated.
I have to keep trying. There’s just too much at stake to let the lies go unanswered anymore. So yeah…I’m nuts. But I’d much rather go down fighting for what I believe in than continue to sit idly by while the loudmouth socialists among us drive this country not only in to the creek but down in to the river.
And just to show I’m not all in the tank for the GOP either…I saw this story last night. This is why we’re in the shape we’re in. It’s not purely a Democrat/progressive agenda. There are plenty of big spending, entrenched Republicans who are to blame also for this abysmal mess we’re in. Even if it drives me crazy.


Well, well, well, this didn’t take long. Seems the Islamoturds are blaming Obama for the Gaza mess. So you see, those of us who had a friggin’ clue knew that Bush was just a convenient whipping boy for the left. They just KNEW that he was the reason ‘they’ didn’t like us. Just like the global warming crowd, they conveniently ignore decades if not centuries of history. Surely they can’t be that stupid and shortsighted? Can they? Yeah, they can. God help us but not only will the evil, violent, islamotards blame the incoming administration but the incoming administration will probably too weak and indecisive to do anything when a threat does arise. God help us all.
Speaking of islamotards and their apologists, there was an interesting ‘meanderings’ in the local paper the other day written by a…wait for it….muslim. She claims to have worked for peace in the ME locally by being friends with Christians, Jews, and muslims but her screed had one purpose–to lay the current crisis squarely at Israel’s feet. She even lauded Jimmy Carter for his ME peace initiatives. Tell me again how that worked out? I’m in the process of writing to the paper myself and hope to get it to them today rebutting this retard’s assertions. See…it’s articles like that which give people the wrong idea on what is really going on now and how it got to this point.
While we’re on this new eruption of violence in Gaza, remember the outcry over the bombing of the boy’s school in Gaza? Oh…the MSM forgot to mention those scumbags were launching rockets from that school. That makes them a legitimate military target. Check out this YouTube video which shows those assholes on the roof preparing to launch a rocket into Israel back in October, 2007. Need more? Here.
More info here about that ‘humanitarian’ yacht Cynthia McKinney was on too. As I guess, it wasn’t all about aid. They weren’t flying either the Red Cross or Red Crescent flag which would have been a clear sign they had aid. They ignored the Israeli Navy’s radio messages to turn around and tried to outmaneuver the Israelis, resulting in the collision. Of course it’s being reported in the Jew-hating MSM that the Israelis rammed the boat but what do you expect from a lying bunch of self-serving hacks? Israel should have blown the bastards out of the water. I’m going to bookmark that blog. It’s good to get more info that’s closer to the source and not filtered through the islamoturd media.

I know I said I wouldn’t be able to post for a few days but this is just too juicy.

Earlier I wrote about the chinks in Obummer’s ‘Messiah’ facade. His spin meisters were trying to lower expectations on the eve of the election and since the election there’s been more of the same with indications that many of the positions he took during the campaign are going to have to be modified. That ain’t gonna make his kool aid drinkers happy. Just look at this little protest and notice too how CNN didn’t mention who the protesters were aligned with. Guess they don’t want the shine off The One just yet. BTW Newsbusters does an excellent job of ferreting out this sort of information.
This article in today’s N & O via the NYSlimes illustrates the point wonderfully. I have to mention here that the blurb on the main page was misleading but consider the source. Just remember liberal stoopids that all those catchy little slogans and clueless rhetoric spouted by our newly elected dumbass are going to prove what a cluelss fucktard he is. It sure sounded nice tho didn’t it? Now he’s going to have to make a fucking decision and not just say present. He’s going to have to examine all the angles of situations that Bush has had to face for eight years and find it’s not so simple. I am slobbering all over myself just waiting to see how he handles these sorts of things.
Have you noticed all the protests against Israel’s attacks in Gaza? I don’t really think they’re attacks because THEY’VE been attacked continuously for months. With something like 6,000 rockets fired in to Israel from UN schools and civilian homes in recent months. More like retaliation but that’s not stopping the clueless fucktards from whining and marching about the eevilll Jooos. Even Roseanne Barr weighed in. No pun intended. It’s going to be fun so see how low their collective IQs can go.

And a big thank you to those that make comments. Even those that disagree with me. It’s really cool that you all are taking the time to do this. That’s what a free exchange of dialogue should be. I don’t think I’ll ever censor comments. People should be able to read and decide for themselves and someone may post info that will change my mind. There has to be that guarantee. So thanks again, don’t forget to wish those long-suffering Dolphins well. Whether you like them or not you have to admit they’ve done very well this season. Hey…I’ll root for your team sometime K?

Just a wonderful time visiting the folks, eating evil fair food and the weather couldn’t have been better. I totally ignored the news so didn’t know about those devastating fires in Ca. Some of those folks cannot get a break. It’s either fires, mudslides, or earthquakes. My heart goes out to them and I just hope they had the chance to get the things that can’t be replaced and all pets out safely. I imagine if you live in an area where things may happen, you have a plan and all valuables in safe places. Makes me think we need to do something like that here, in case we have to leave quickly for any reason. Last spring there were a lot of fires nearby and if the wind had whipped up who knows what would have happened. One thing I’m big on is personal responsibility and that’s part of it. One thing I do wonder is how long it’ll take some libtard to make a comment that the fires could be out by now if we weren’t in Iraq. Something to chew on….

Here’s something else right out of the gate to chew on

Stupid fucking liberals. I hadn’t booted up the laptop 5 minutes when this story on Drudge appeared. Another Nobel winner that is too stupid to pour piss out of a boot but what she says commands precious ink and will be used by other liberals to bolster their case. She is a writer and I think has been in some sort of fantasy land. Tony Blair is bad. Bush is a disaster. I’m sick of these fucktards saying the current world leadership (well…I KNOW Blair isn’t there anymore) is just horrible, bad, a disaster, ad nauseum but they NEVER offer their wonderful plans. They NEVER have any solution. They NEVER say anything of any consequence except to berate leaders that are only marginally conservative by the actual definition. That’s just not good enough for them. Hey Ms Lessing, why don’t you make some brilliant proposals as to how we can get these islamotards to stop wanting to kill us OK? You are so fucking smart, you have all the damn answers, let’s hear them. Otherwise just shut the fuck up. Yes I’m angry. I’m tired of the Streisands, Afflecks, Clooneys, Penns, Carters, Gores, Glovers, Sarandons, and all the assorted Nobel Laureates that come out of their worm holes (or their mansions) to denigrate this country and Britain but never offer the barest shred of a solution. And don’t get me started on her assertion that 9/11 wasn’t that bad. Fucking moron. On another note, she is entitled to her opinion and I’m entitled to tell her to go fuck herself.

Just a wonderful story

YEAH for the family pet. Dog bites man that attacks female jogger. Wonder if they’ll test the teeth for some skin for DNA?

Who cares

Once again, this subject comes up. Some dhimmicrat announces he’s gay. Big deal. When are we ever going to reach a point in this country where a persons race, sexual orientation, sex, hair color, etc is not going to play in to what they can or cannot do? The hubby and I were talking about this very thing this am with reference to the shuttle launch and the female commander thing. I don’t give a shit and I’m willing to believe there are many others that feel the same way. I want to know the person can do the job. That’s all the information I need. Of course the news media and various race warlords continue to make this an issue. The former because they have some misguided notion in the first place as to what people want to hear and the latter because it puts money in their pockets. Either way it’s disgusting.

Environmental retards

This is good. Some SanFrancissy based environmental pinkos decide to hang a banner from a construction tower and dangle, shutting down traffic and construction. I say let the bastards hang there, let traffic flow and if they fall off and get killed, that’s a consequence of their stupidity. As it is, I think the money spent to get them down and the cost to the construction company should be recouped from them and whatever idiotic organization sponsored their ‘protest’. That may send a message to any other organization that there are appropriate ways to protest but cutting in to someones purse is not one of them. Oh…and whatever criminal penalties are applicable.

Plane rides, obnoxious children and clueless parental units

I love plane travel. Gets you to your destination quickly. I don’t like small children on planes. Not all of them but most. You see it’s like this. Airline travel can be time consuming in its own right. You hurry up and wait. Kids aren’t good at that. Hell many adults aren’t either but we can read, knit, snooze, or find some way to amuse ourselves. Small children don’t do that. They seem to be content to run up and down the aisles and concourses like little maniacs and for the most part the parents allow them. I guess the figure it’s their vacation too and any parental responsibility is adjudicated to the airline staff. Folks, if your little progeny is incapable of sitting in a seat for long periods, leave the little fuckers at home or just don’t travel until they are old enough to behave themselves and join the civilized human race. We non-children people paid for our tickets too and it’s fucking rude and obnoxious of you to allow your demon spawn to squeal, kick the back of our seats, run around ‘playing’ (it’s not a bloody playground), and in general make a nuisance of themselves. The DH and I watched this one grandma traveling with her little jewel (for 2 hours) in the airport yesterday and I was about to explode in anger. I won’t go in to everything the little troll was doing but he kept running off, around corners and the stupid grandma would go after him, leaving her luggage unattended and out of her sight more times than I could count. I think I stopped at 5. It was a game to the little cherub. It was not a game to those of us who travel regularly. The kicker? When she finally had had enough, she grabs the kid under her arms like a package (he’s starting to kick and scream by now) and brings him over to some seats near….US….and that’s his ‘time out’. Not next to her. Next to us and another group of passengers. Well…the little creep was screaming at the top of his lungs by now while she calmly went back to her seat, took out a book and read. The DH and I got up and moved to another location and I HOPE LIKE HELL she heard my comments. Yet there was another woman there with three small children, two of whom were a baby and a little boy about the same age as little shit, and they were fine. There was also a little boy not much older than little shit and he was a doll. So…again, if your kids cannot behave themselves…stay home. I wish I had gotten a picture so I could post on this blog. This woman and child should be publicly shamed for their behavior.


While I’m in the mood to crab…I might as well vent about strollers and crowds. I hope I live to see the day when these damn things are banned from events where large numbers of people will be. They are a hazard. Ditto for any wagons whether rented or brought to the location. If your children cannot walk on their own or be carried, leave them with a sitter or stay home. That’s the price of being a parent. If you are concerned with being able to get a trustworthy sitter and no family member is available…too fucking bad. You had them. Stop inflicting your kids and their accoutrements on the rest of us. In a place where there are large herds of people, your strollers are a nuisance and danger. How many times the crowd had to come to a complete stop because some clueless cows standing two or more strollers abreast (because it’s not an event unless all your friends and their kids go too) in the middle of a lane of foot traffic. You just cannot get by these people. Again, I hope several of them heard my comments as I passed by. One day I’m going to snap and not just say something in passing but let these dumbasses have it. Time for those of us that try to be respectful of how much personal space we’re taking up to have a say. OH…and one thing I did notice….many of these strollers didn’t have the kids actually in them…they were just ways for people to haul stuff around.

OK…time to go work off some fair food and go to the grocery store…yay….

That is all.

That’s the findings of a study (again). But not so fast. This is an excellent piece that takes the study apart. I take issue with the idea that liberals “liberals tended to be more sensitive and responsive to information that might conflict with their habitual way of thinking.” I think we have daily proof that this is not the case. Take Globull Whoring. Liberals are sensitive to be sure—but only when their ideas or long held beliefs are challenged with something called FACTS. Anyone that has a differening opinion that GW is not man made better look out. They will be attacked and smeared by libtards everywhere. That’s just one example. Look at the preemptive strike against General Petaeus. They have this deeply ingrained belief that Iraq is not part of the war on terror, we shouldn’t be there (who’s isolationist now?), Bush lied…ad nauseum. So without waiting for the report, they immediately went on the offensive with a cut rate, full page ad in the NYSlimes on a big circulation day attacking the general. So let’s go back to that statement but one of the study’s authors–especially the last part. “…..and responsive to information that might conflict with their habitual way of thinking.” The implication of the study is that liberals are able to take information that is conflicting and make adjustments that would enable them to survive. Their actions seem to prove the opposite in the real world. They cannot take newer information and adjust to it. They take newer information and if it doesn’t fit their preconceived ideas then it and the messenger must be slapped. This is not behavior that helps someone to deal with the real world. Liberals are just as likely to hold on to habitual ways of thinking as any other group, even when evidence or facts prove otherwise. At least where this study’s findings are concerned.

Why is this asshole allowed in the US

Can’t we keep him out?

Another goblin is TU

One less oxygen thief.

OK…time to hit a lick

That is all.

The NAACP thinks Vick is not guilty. I guess that little thing called a guilty plea means nothing. To add to the complete waste of oxygen this group is, they also think he should be allowed to play football again because (and you can’t make these statements up) …., White says Vick is a human being who has made a mistake and should be allowed to prove that he has learned from that mistake. A mistake????!!! Engaging in an illegal activity that resulted in the deaths of dogs both in the ring and outside by his own hands, not to mention the additional charges of racketeering and this is a ‘mistake’ in the jackoffs book? If anyone needed any further proof what a complete bunch of wankers the NAACP is I say look no further than this. Oh…and contrast this with the Duke case of just a year ago. What was the official word of this bunch of idiots? Those rich, white guys were GUILTY!!! Guilty I tell ya. Run ’em outta town on a rail. I weep for this country if this is the caliber of representation for the black community.


I know people who think midgets are cool. They’d like to own one. My hubby is one of those people. This is for them. Do they really have a convention of little people in Las Vegas?

And in a related story….sorta.

OOOOOOOOOO Big news flash

Liberals read more than Conservatives. I’m not joking. That just proves liberals are more literate than conservates then. Right? Not so fast snappy says I. What are they reading? Conservative books by conservative authors routinely outsell their liberal counterparts. So it’s not political books. What about business or economics? I’m betting no there too because libs are so lousy at basic economics.
I know what it is….comic books and fiction!!!! These people live in some sort of fantasy world anyway. But don’t tell Pat Shroeder. She’s some big publishing trade group thinker or something. And she is a Democrat. Now you remember where you’ve heard that name before. Bias? You don’t say.