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It’s almost mind-boggling the daily news. I hardly believe the info hitting the net on a regular basis of how that piece of complete asshattery in the WH is destroying this country. Everything he’s doing is designed to weaken the US. Remember the soldier/private insurance kerfluffle? Don’t think that that wasn’t designed to make anyone reconsider their decision to join the military. One of the reasons for joining is the idea the government will take care of you in return for your service. Remove that and….
CIA leaks? Posts showing the location of nuclear/military testing? All designed to demoralize those that protect us and are charged with developing ways to protect us. Who’d want to get involved in any organization if they cannot operate with some degree of cover?
Then he trots off to the ME to pander to the terrorists after telling his justice officials to petition the SC for immunity to be granted to some Saudis that ample evidence shows were complicit in the 9/11 attacks.
It IS difficult to believe. But all of it is true and have been on the news wires in the last week. I know I’m frustrated and angry. And wondering where the fuck the damn Republicans are. They should be taking to the airwaves to state the case that this is bullshit but the damn wussies are scared and silent. Every damn freaking one of them needs to be tossed out on their asses in 2010 or it’s toast for this once great nation. I’m doing my best to work for someone who is running against a RINO for Senate. What are YOU doing?