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It’s not about disenfranchisement. It’s not about turning the clock back to Jim Crow. Nope. It’s about winning elections. You can’t win elections if you can’t control the voting process. And the only way to ensure a victory is to set up situations where people can vote multiple times in different precincts. Where people can get lists of the recently deceased and vote under their name. We’ve seen this over and over since the 2004 election. There have been prosecutions and convictions–most if not all Democrat operatives. Here’s another trial about to kick off in New York. Read the quote at the top of the story and think on how stunning such an admission is.
When people are polled on their beliefs minus the election or political overtones, they overwhelming poll conservative. Actual liberals have polled consistently in the 25% area. So how then did someone as leftist as Obama get elected? Many reasons come to mind but in the primaries there were some hinky things going on in Ohio if memory serves that related to Hillary Clinton’s campaign so it’s not just the general election Democrat vs. Republican.
For a more recent example of voter fraud, Project Veritas did a sting in New Hampshire.
This should scare anyone truly concerned about our election process for it ensures the person who should win the election won’t…thereby disenfranchising millions of legitimate voters of all races.