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Check this out. While the media was focused on The Emperor’s singing ability, this is what was going on outside. Didn’t Obama, with Pelosi, Wasserman-Shultz and a host of other Democrats embrace OWS? Why then wouldn’t this protest be splashed all over the media like the attention they got last fall? One simple reason, it was not favorable to Obama. OWS served its purpose last year, it is not needed anymore hence the crackdowns in areas formerly favorable to the ‘movement’. Watch for very brutal takedowns if it becomes obvious OWS is hurting the Democrat party. OH…and according to Alinsky, rage is not sustainable and must go away after a while, otherwise it loses its punch.
A word of caution to OWS participants and others, be very careful. You all think you’re doing something good but you are merely useful idiots. Every country that eventually turned Communist used young people and others like this to sow discontent and when the hammer dropped, those were the first rounded up and sent away to the gulags. Those in charge know people like you are fickle and must be controlled, that you can turn on your overlords at any time and that can’t be allowed to happen. History will repeat itself if you don’t get a clue.


Assploding hypocrisy

Posted: January 19, 2012 in liberals, Obama, politics
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You gotta hand it to Dimrats. While The One, Pelousy, Debbie Ditz and others yammer on about the evil 1%, shamelessly align themselves with Occupoopers, and try to portray themselves as working for ‘the people’, they go and do something (actions do speak louder) that is the pure definition of hypocrisy. It was released earlier this week that Emperor Obama will accept his party’s annointing in BANK OF AMERICA stadium. It’s not ‘PANTHER’ stadium as some leftwing media shills are trying to call it.
Michele Malkin has a great write up here. Go read it for a beautiful run down on the why’s of this decision. Here’s a taste: as the great unwashed are milling about on the stadium floor the elitist get to watch from posh skyboxes. Can’t have those limousine liberals rubbing shoulders with the people they claim to embrace now can we?
We have been told repeatedly to pay less attention to what Barry says and more to what he does. This should show the Occupoopers and others exactly who controls BHO. He is most definitely not a man of the people. He could give a rat’s ass about the middle class. Otherwise he would be pushing for policies and proven strategies that will allow jobs to be created by private industry. He would be for things that will put more money in our pockets like the Keystone pipeline. Lower energy costs benefit everyone. This am word is out that he is going to use the EPA to shutter 32 coal plants. Where do people think the bulk of our energy needs come from? He did let slip in an unguarded moment during the 2008 campaign that this was a goal and ‘prices would necessarily skyrocket’. Who is going to be hurt the most by this? The poor and middle class. The only thing Barry and his minions really care about is creating more people dependent on government because those people will then have to vote for them to stay alive.
“When you want to help people, you tell them the truth. When you want to help yourself, you tell them what they want to hear.” Thomas Sowell

Speaking of dumb…

Posted: January 19, 2012 in liberals, politics
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I guess that’s the default narrative for all Democrat campaigns. Any opposition is dumb. The people who vote for the opposition are dumb. People who don’t understand the genius of the Democrat candidate are dumb. Can’t they come up with something better? Think about the last two candidates for which we have some sort of knowledge of their college days at least. Kerry and GWB. Since they both went to Yale it was pretty easy to compare apples to apples. Kerry’s average was 76 and GWB was 77. A photo finish. Neither one was a genius.
So far in this election cycle I haven’t heard much about any potential GOP candidate being dumb but it’ll come soon enough. Here’s the thing though. They better not go there because it could force the Obama campaign to produce something about their guy which they really don’t want to produce.

So for now…they are just going to stick to calling those of us who disagree with The One as dumb. It’s all they got.

First we have this bit of news. Emperor Obamus is sooooo busy, focused like a laser on our current economic woes isn’t he?

Then we get the final numbers on how much of Ear Leader’s time is spent screwing around. How’s 25% of the time. That’s how much he spend either golfing or going to fundraisers. Can you imagine if any of us slaves to the great Obamus did that? You get hired for a job which means you must produce something. But instead, in an eight hour day (not including an hour for lunch or bathroom breaks of course), you get your Wii or Playstation out and just screw around for two hours. Or for two hours you go from cube to cube socializing. How long do you think it’ll be before someone noticies you aren’t doing your job? How long would it be before you got a reprimand and if your behavior didn’t change you’d be out of a job? Furthermore, I don’t think this percentage includes the parties like this.
Where does it end? How dare he admonish us Great Unwashed to have skin in the game when he has none? I guarantee this–if he was having to foot the bill for these extravaganza and trips, he wouldn’t be doing this. But because he’s the worst sort of multimillionaire–a liberal elitist–it’s OK. And the media just keeps giving him a pass.

Is this a summary?

Posted: January 7, 2012 in Economy, liberals, politics
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Funnel billions of taxpayer money to crony capitalist buddies involved in ‘green energy’ scams. Funnel billions of taxpayer dollars to overseas entities. Check. Go around Congress to push radical agenda using EOs, illegal recess appointments, etc. Check. “Recess” appointments not subject to background checks as required. Check. Change to immigration rules coming without Congressional approval. Check. Guts military budget despite Constitutional directive. Check. Uses layers of bureaucracy and government agencies to push agenda via rules, mandates, initiatives, and other forms of coercion, again circumventing an elected legislature. Check. Can we call him a dictator now?

It’s almost mind-boggling the daily news. I hardly believe the info hitting the net on a regular basis of how that piece of complete asshattery in the WH is destroying this country. Everything he’s doing is designed to weaken the US. Remember the soldier/private insurance kerfluffle? Don’t think that that wasn’t designed to make anyone reconsider their decision to join the military. One of the reasons for joining is the idea the government will take care of you in return for your service. Remove that and….
CIA leaks? Posts showing the location of nuclear/military testing? All designed to demoralize those that protect us and are charged with developing ways to protect us. Who’d want to get involved in any organization if they cannot operate with some degree of cover?
Then he trots off to the ME to pander to the terrorists after telling his justice officials to petition the SC for immunity to be granted to some Saudis that ample evidence shows were complicit in the 9/11 attacks.
It IS difficult to believe. But all of it is true and have been on the news wires in the last week. I know I’m frustrated and angry. And wondering where the fuck the damn Republicans are. They should be taking to the airwaves to state the case that this is bullshit but the damn wussies are scared and silent. Every damn freaking one of them needs to be tossed out on their asses in 2010 or it’s toast for this once great nation. I’m doing my best to work for someone who is running against a RINO for Senate. What are YOU doing?

There’s a new bill winding it’s way through Congress. According to this article it’s been approved by the HoR and is now in the Senate. It will prevent Federal employees from releasing any document unless a court finds a ‘preponderance of the evidence’. Is this a way to shield Obama from being forced to produce his BC? Sure sounds like it to me. More here.