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Where is it? If this were reversed…like in Bosnia or Somalia during the Clinton administration, does anyone doubt there’d already be boots on the ground? We defend muslims with our mostly Christian blood when they’re attacked by Christians in foreign countries, but our leaders don’t dare lift a finger to help Christians when they’re horribly abused in the Sudan, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, or Egypt. Am I the only one who’s noticing this obvious double standard in how our US government treats groups identified as Christians when it comes to persecutions overseas? Enough already! Either we just get the hell out of all these countries and let the savages just take over or we get some coherent policy related to defending the defenseless. OH…and does anyone doubt that if we had a president who was at least perceived as a little less of a pansy that this shit would be going on? No…I didn’t think so.


Does anyone out there still think the Arab spring in Egypt was a good thing, besides Jimmy ‘used to be the worst president in US history’ Carter? Not only are the radicals taking over and essentially shutting down that country to any progress, but they’re killing Christians by the hundreds, and now under the pretext of preventing H1N1, are slaughtering pigs in the most inhumane way imaginable. If you have the stomach, here are a few links.
From CIWF and Bare Naked Islam.
So…while the handwringers on the left wail and moan about some Marines pissing on a dead terrorist while conveniently forgetting how our soldiers and civilians have been brutally slaughtered, their bodies defiled in a manner beyond comprehension, this will be another story that goes down the memory hole for liberals and especially PETA. We dare not call them barbarians. We must cuddle with them. Bullshit.